The Most Common Misconceptions About Underfloor Heating

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Lies You’ve Believed about Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an innovative solution that is more than just a luxurious amenity — it’s an efficient and effective way to add warmth and comfort to any room. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about electric underfloor heating, which leads far too many people to assume that it’s not an option for them.

At Green Wave Distribution, we want to uncover the truth behind those myths and misconceptions in order to show you that a STEP® HEAT radiant system could be the perfect heating solution for your home. These are the most common misconceptions about underfloor heating:

Underfloor Heating is a Luxury Amenity Reserved for Those with Unlimited Budgets

When radiant floor heating systems were first introduced into the market, they were incredibly expensive and were reserved for those who had the ability to spend as much as they wanted on their home construction and renovation projects. However, in recent years, the technology that is used within underfloor heating systems has improved dramatically, and the price of this heating solution has dropped significantly. 

Electric underfloor heating systems are particularly cost-effective, and have a price tag that is much lower than their water-based radiant flooring system counterparts. 

The total cost of your radiant floor heating system will vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the room and the scope of the project as a whole. When you receive an estimate, remember that it includes:

  • The cost of the STEP® HEAT system.
  • The cost of required accessories, such as a thermostat.

Most homeowners who are interested in upgrading to underfloor heating are surprised to find out that this project can easily fit within their budget.

STEP® HEAT Radiant Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating Will Drive Up Your Utility Costs 

Another reason that people use to shy away from underfloor heating is that they are under the belief that this type of system will significantly increase their utility costs in the long term. However, the opposite is true. Electric underfloor heating is one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solutions that you can install in your home. 

When you are considering electric radiant floor heating, it’s worth noting that:

  • It costs less to run an electrical system than it does other traditional radiant systems.
  • Your radiant flooring system can be zoned so that you are only using electricity when and where you need it most.
  • You will only run your radiant flooring system when you are utilizing the room. 

The amount that you pay in utility costs in order to run your underfloor heating system will vary based on your location and region, the size of your underfloor heating system and the frequency with which you run the system. However, most people find that the costs are comparable to their previous bills, and may even be lower.

Your Flooring Options are Limited When You Install Underfloor Heating

One of the most common places that people install underfloor heating systems is in their bathrooms, as they appreciate the comfort of stepping out of their shower onto warm tile floors. However, this type of heating solution is not reserved exclusively for tile floors. In fact, you can have this system installed under nearly any type of flooring. 

Some flooring materials that you can consider when you are investing in an underfloor heating system include:

  • Wood Floors — Wood floors are an ideal option for underfloor heating, because this natural material will heat up quickly and retain the heat.
  • Tile Floors — Tile floors are popular, largely because this flooring material can get very cold to the touch during the winter months. Electric underfloor heating can keep those tiles warm and comfortable at all times. 
  • Composite Floors — Underfloor heating can be installed under composite floors, but you will want to work with your contractor to determine the best flooring materials for the radiant system you are purchasing.

Underfloor Heating Can Only Be Installed in New Construction Homes

This is perhaps the biggest myth about underfloor heating systems. Given the nature of this heating solution — and the fact that it is installed underneath the flooring materials of the home — it’s natural to assume that this project can only be done during the construction process. While it’s definitely easier to install electric underfloor heating during the new construction process or during a room renovation, it is possible to retrofit the system to your existing room. The key is working with a qualified contractor who has a team of installation experts available to get the job done right.

Electric Underfloor Heating is a Supplemental Heat Source

Initially, radiant floor heating seems like an amazing way to make any space more comfortable. But most don’t realize that it’s not just a supplemental heat source — underfloor heating can be used as a primary heating solution. At Green Wave Distribution, our STEP® HEAT system includes self-regulating carbon polymer heating technology that is both flexible and durable. It uses extra-low voltage electricity in order to safely heat up the floor and evenly distribute heat throughout the entire space. Not only is it effective, but it’s also a healthy alternative to other traditional heating systems. A furnace, for example, will recirculate air and distribute dust, dirt and pollen throughout the room. A radiant floor heating system does not rely on air circulation, instead offering you the ability to stay comfortable, happy and healthy in your home.

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems Increase Your Floor Heights and Impede Other Features

Some homeowners avoid underfloor heating systems because they believe that the system itself will raise the height of their floors and prevent them from being able to properly close doors or accommodate certain furniture in the room. While your radiant floor does take up some space underneath your flooring, it’s worth noting that it rarely increases the height of the floors by a significant amount. At most, you may gain less than 3/8ths of an inch. These heating solutions rarely impact the design or functionality of your home, rather, they give you more freedom and flexibility to style the room as you see fit, without worrying about vents or radiators.

Underfloor Heating is a Maintenance Nightmare

Given the fact that this heating system is installed underneath the flooring in your home, it’s not surprising that many people assume it would be very difficult to maintain or repair. However, there are virtually no moving parts as part of this system, which means that repairs are extremely rare. In fact, there are little to no maintenance costs associated with this system. Underfloor heating systems are considered to be one of the most effective and reliable heating solutions on the market today.

Whether you are looking to add underfloor heating to your shed in order to create a comfortable and functional workshop, or you are hoping to add electric underfloor heating to your bathroom tiles in hopes of enjoying a spa-like environment, the experts at Green Wave Distribution can help. We offer STEP® HEAT radiant flooring systems that include innovative features designed to improve the performance of the system, increase its safety and boost its reliability.

For more information about why underfloor heating is the perfect choice for your home, contact Green Wave Distribution today.

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