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Herschel MD2 Thermostat (WiFi)


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Whether new builds or renovations, the Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat is ideal for residential and commercial applications alike. No matter where you are, the MD2 allows you to control your heating using the SmartLife app and your home WiFi network. The SmartLife app also features Alexa or Google Assistant integration for optional voice controlled operation.

The MD2 thermostat will turn your Herschel heaters on if the room temperature drops below the desired temperature, and turn them off once the temperature has been reached. With its large digital touchscreen display, the MD2 is incredibly easy to use. The sleek design ensures wiring is discrete and neatly hidden, and it’s keypad locking ability prevents unauthorized tampering making it idea for hotels, care homes, student living, and rental properties.

The MD2 thermostat includes Herschel’s energy-saving open window technology. If the thermostat detects a drop in temperature over a 15-minute period, it will turn the heaters off for one hour to avoid wasting electricity when a window or door is likely to be open. The open window feature can be overridden, or turned off entirely if desired.

The MD2 is wired directly to the main panel circuit and the Herschel heaters. The 16 amp thermostat is capable of controlling up to 3.6kW of Herschel heaters, so if you’re looking for hot yoga heaters for home, this thermostat is without question the piece of kit you want accompanying them. If desired, relay options are available to increase the number of heaters the MD2 can control.


  • Easy-to-use and discreet design for seamless integration
  • Energy-saving open window technology prevents wasteful electricity usage
  • Precise temperature control for maximum comfort
  • Convenient remote access and voice control for effortless management
  • 5-year warranty for peace of mind and product reliability
  • Suitable for controlling multiple Herschel heaters for various heating needs
  • 16A wired thermostat for efficient control
  • 7-day programmable settings for personalized heating schedules
  • Energy-saving open window detection feature
  • Temperature control up to 113°F for optimal comfort
  • Keypad locking prevents unauthorized tampering
  • WiFi control via SmartLife App for convenient access
  • Voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free operation
Experience effortless control over your heating with the Herschel MD2 Thermostat. This 16 Amp wired thermostat is perfect for residential and commercial applications. With 7 programmable settings, open window detection, and temperature control up to 113°F, create personalized heating schedules and save energy. Sleek design and keypad locking ideal for hotels, care homes, and rentals. WiFi control via SmartLife app and voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant. Trust the 5-year warranty for reliable performance. Upgrade your hot yoga heaters for home experience with the Herschel MD2 Thermostat today.

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Hot Yoga MD2 Thermostat

Herschel MD2 Thermostat (WiFi)

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