Commercial Radiant Heating Under Hardwood Flooring

Whether its natural or engineered hardwood flooring, you can experience the beauty of hardwoods with the efficiency and luxury provided by a STEP Warmfloor radiant heat system.


Under Hardwood Commercial Heating

STEP Warmfloor heating elements can be used under hardwood flooring.

We often get asked, can you install hardwood floors over radiant heat? The answer is yes. STEP Warmfloor heating elements are certified for use directly under hardwood floors, including natural and engineered wood. Our heating elements can be placed directly underneath the finished floor - closer than any other radiant heat system. The heating elements can even be nailed or stapled through for quick and easy installation. The self-regulating properties of the elements guarantee that they will never overheat and will always stay below the specified temperature set forth by the National Wood Flooring Association.

Plank style finished floors come in many shapes, sizes, and species. The luxuriant look and feel of these flooring types, combined with a STEP Warmfloor radiant heating system, creates a finished floor that greatly enhances the comfort and value of your property. 

Commercial Hardwood Underfloor Heating Installation

Plank style floors are installed using either a floating, nail down or glue down method. Which method is used depends on the finished floor and subfloor types. For glue-down installations, cover the elements with floor leveler or underlayment boards. Due to the unique properties of STEP Warmfloor, nails or staples can penetrate directly through the heating element. The only place that nails should not penetrate is along the edges of the element where the bus wires are located.

The natural and man-made materials commonly found in plank style floor systems offer good thermal mass performance, allowing up to a maximum 5-inch spacing between STEP Warmfloor heating elements. An element spacing that is larger than 5-inches will have a cold strip down the center of that spacing which may result in undesirable performance. Spacing tighter than 5-inches, even down to 1-inch, is used to provide a very even floor surface temperature and to increase the floor response time to temperature changes in the room. To ensure that the finished floor has a smooth and even surface, the heating elements strips should not be installed parallel with the direction of the planks. The optimum installation should have the elements running perpendicular to the plank direction. This provides for even support of the planks across the back of the heating elements, eliminating the potential for dips and sags at the plank joints.

At Green Wave Distribution, our expert design team will assist you every step of the way to ensure that your system performance meets or exceeds expectations. Give us a call today or submit your plans and let us design a custom radiant heating system for your home or property.


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