Commercial Radiant Heating Under Tile Flooring

Tile floors can withstand the increased wear and tear from high-traffic commercial use - the downside is that tile feels cold and uncomfortable. STEP Warmfloor take away the chill from cold floors and efficiently heat your commercial space as primary a heat source. 


Under Tile Commercial Heating

STEP Warmfloor heating elements can be used under tile flooring.

If you have tile floors in your building or office, you know how cold they can feel. Tile provides one of the coldest sensations out of any of the common finished floor materials. By incorporating a radiant heat system under the tile, occupents will enjoy a luxuriously warm finished floor that greatly enhances their comfort, wellness, and productivity while increasing the value of your property. STEP Warmfloor's thin (3/64") heating elements provide more comfort and versatile installation options than any other radiant heat system. The slim profile, combined with the ability to be placed directly under the tile floor allows you to design without the hassle of additional flooring height buildups.

Commercial Tile Underfloor Heating Installation

STEP Warmfloor under tile allows for unmatched versatility compared to any other radiant heat system. The most common tile installation methods used with STEP Warmfloor are with cement backer boards, self-leveling compounds, underneath decoupling membranes, or placing the STEP heating elements in double mortar beds. Whether you use a backer board or install the elements directly between the subfloor and the tile, their orientation does not matter. When installing the elements underneath the backer board, make sure to mark the location of the bus braids and the extension wires with a chalk line to be able to see where you can screw.

Due to the high thermal conductivity of tile, the STEP Warmfloor heating elements should be installed with a maximum 3-inch spacing between the elements. Tile conducts the heat vertically from the elements so fast that the heat does not transfer very far laterally within the floor. An element spacing that is larger than 3-inches will have a cold stripe down the center of that spacing. A spacing tighter than 3-inches, even down to 1-inch, is used to provide a very even floor surface temperature and to increase the floor response time to temperature changes in the room.

At Green Wave Distribution, our expert design team will assist you every step of the way to ensure that your system performance meets or exceeds expectations. Give us a call today or submit your plans and let us design a custom radiant heating system for your home or property.


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