Radiant Heating Under Wet Areas

Give your bathroom spa-like luxury.


Under Wet Areas Heating

STEP Warmfloor heating elements can be used in wet areas.

Heated bathroom floors provide comfortable uniform heating. They warm not only the floor but also the entire bathroom, providing a comfortable temperature for everyone. STEP Warmfloor low-voltage heating system and can be installed in showers, tub enclosures, laundries, steam rooms. The radiant heating element is the perfect choice for warming shower bench seats and backs.  

Underfloor Heating in Wet Areas Installation

Choose the proper floor covering, setting materials and grout for each application. Most ceramic tile and cement-based grout are not waterproof. Heating elements have to be properly installed under a waterproof membrane to avoid risks of sneak current and/or short circuit. Secure the elements to the subfloor and cover with a protection layer, e.g. floor leveler, mortar, etc. Alternatively, the elements can be placed under cement backer unit (CBU). The material may be water resistant; but where a waterproof floor is required, a waterproof membrane shall be provided. Where a mortar bed or mud float is used to cover the elements, allow the mortar to dry completely before applying the membrane and the floor covering. Water trapped under the floor could damage the substrate and/or cause sneak current. Do not use asphaltic liquid membrane directly on the element.

Where STEP Warmfloor heating elements are installed on a wood subfloor, the connectors and wires can be routed under the subfloor between joists. Cut down the plastic of the elements, on each side of the bus braid, to the second slot, removing two strips of plastic. Connect the bus braids to the wires with the STEP connectors and insulate the connections. Drop the wires and the connectors through holes drilled in the subfloor wood. This is an easy and fast way to connect the heating system. The power supply(s) and terminal block(s) can also be placed under the subfloor.

At Green Wave Distribution, our expert design team will assist you every step of the way to ensure that your system performance meets or exceeds expectations. Give us a call today or submit your plans and let us design a custom radiant heating system for your home or property.


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