Radiant Heating Under Stone Driveway

STEP Snowmelt is a heating solution to melt snow and ice on entrances, walkways, driveways, ramps, patios, etc. The snow melt system eliminates shoveling snow and protects pedestrians from slippery ice or snow covered driveways and sidewalks.


Under Stone Driveway Heating

STEP Snowmelt heating elements can be used under stone.

STEP Snowmelt use a thin (3/64”), flexible flat heating element, which operates on low voltage. These durable, lightweight heating elements  are suitable for ice and snow prevention on concrete, stone or asphalt walkways and driveways, commercial and residential. The element is not made to be exposed to weather. Depending on the application, the 12” and 9” wide elements come with slots or protected in a vinyl enclosure.

Heated Stone Driveway Installation

If the elements require a vinyl enclosure they will be pre-cut to the specified length in the design layout, and will have pre-connected lead wires calculated according to the distance to the power supply, and sealed in vinyl at the STEP HEAT facility prior to shipping. If they do not require vinyl the element will be supplied on a roll that can be cut to length and connected to extension wires on the job site.

To install simply roll out the vinyl elements according to the design layout onto an even layer of granular material or concrete slab and secure them in place to prevent displacement of panels. The heating elements should be placed on top of gravel and compacted sand, then secured in a way that the elements do not shift position when concrete is poured.

At Green Wave Distribution, our expert design team will assist you every step of the way to ensure that your system performance meets or exceeds expectations. Give us a call today or submit your plans and let us design a custom radiant heating system for your home or property.


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