Sustainable Stone Veneers

Natural beauty, surprisingly different: Skinrock opens up new horizons in the natural stone industry.

exterior house with stone veneer

The expressive elegance of real stone

Real Stone

As natural and textured as created by nature. Unique colors for a myriad of designs. Each piece is unique, creating an ambience as individual as you.
arrow pointing to right to stone veneers
arrow pointing right to stone veneers

Ultra Thin

With a thickness of splitting rough 1.5 – 3 mm, it is lighter than any stone you have ever seen. Resources are conserved in its manufacture, and transportation is very sustainable.
stone veneer types


Transform your interiors with stunning colors at the touch of a button. Skinrock can be easily backlit to showcase the beauty of natural stone.

arrow pointing left to stone veneers
arrow pointing left to stone veneers


As resilient as a rock and as flexible as bamboo. Skinrock can be shaped into any desired form, and surprising effects are achieved by backlighting the natural stone.

The Colors

Mother Earth

Desert Storm

Nero Marquina Marble

Purple Grey

Wood Root

Cream Marfil

Slate Grey

Fresh Earth

Shining Leaves

Mountain Line

Artic Storm

Multi Pink

Copper Natural

Fantasy White

Golden Drops

Shining Hill

South Grey

Rooster Multi

White Carrara Marble

Swiss Grey

Lime White

Light Emperador

Jungle Fire

Shining Tree

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The Stone

Stone is drawn onto a solid carrier film in thin layers. Even larger stone veneer measuring 120 x 60 cm and 250 x 120 cm is extremely lightweight and can be fitted on almost any surface. This opens up new, unlimited opportunities to create the ambience of natural stone on drywall, wood, metal, fibreglass, ceramic and concrete. We offer a selection of 20 different décors in natural slate and quartzite ranging from elegant silver tones to shades of green, grey and black.

The Applications

Skinrock is suitable for all interior and exterior walls. Lightweight and yet stable veneer can be fitted quickly and easily by a specialist firm, even where the narrowest of angles are involved. Following initial waterproofing, the natural stone can be cleaned and maintained in a single wipe with Skinrock care products.

Like no other material, natural stone is a symbol of durability and natural beauty.


1.5 - 3.0 mm


4' x 8'
2' x 8'

Water Absorption (Unsealed)


Fire Rating

Class B2

Your imagination
is your only limitation


Is Skinrock really natural stone?
Yes, the umbrella term is natural stone veneer.

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