10-21 STEP Heat Powered by Solar Energy

STEP HEAT underfloor radiant heating, powered by renewable energy sources like solar panels and windmills, is at the forefront of sustainable heating solutions.

This system is distinguished by its self-regulating, semi-conductive polymer heating elements, which offer a unique blend of efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Energy Efficiency

- Reduced Energy Consumption: STEP HEAT's advanced technology consumes 40-60% less energy than conventional radiant heating systems such as cables and hydronics.

- System Flexibility Capable of operating on both DC and AC power, STEP HEAT is versatile and fully compatible with alternative energy sources, promoting broader adoption.

Cost Savings

- Financial Benefits: Integration with solar or wind energy systems can lead to substantial reductions or even the complete elimination of electricity costs, delivering significant long-term savings.

- Efficient Operation: The inherent efficiency of the system also contributes to lower operational costs, making it an economically attractive option for heating.

Health and Environmental Benefits

- Healthier Living Environment: Unlike forced air systems, STEP HEAT does not circulate allergens or dust, making it an excellent choice for individuals with respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies.

- Reduced Environmental Impact: By leveraging clean and renewable energy sources, STEP HEAT helps reduce carbon footprints and supports sustainable practices.

Heating System

System Installation and Maintenance


STEP HEAT represents the future of radiant heating systems, combining exceptional energy efficiency, ease of installation, and health and environmental benefits. Its seamless integration with renewable energy sources like solar and wind power makes it a top choice for those wanting sustainable and cost-effective solutions.