Indoor Radiant Heating

Warmth as it was meant to be felt


Indoor Radiant Heating

Explore our wide range of best in class, energy-efficient, electric radiant heat products to suit any application and budget.

Every Green Wave Distribution product has been carefully selected for its energy-efficiency, health and wellness benefits, unparalleled performance, and comfort. Whether whole home heating, floor warming, or supplemental heating, we have solutions to meet every need and price point. 

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Heat mats for floors

Heating Mats for Floors

Experience new levels of comfort and efficiency with STEP® HEAT's innovative underfloor heating system.

Radiant Panels & Heaters

Discover Herschel® Infrared's elegant line of stylish, energy-efficient radiant heating panels and heaters.

Hot Yoga Heating

Turn up the heat with our radiant heaters for home or commercial yoga studios.

Countertop & Bench Warmers

Bring warmth to your cold surfaces with a FeelsWarm® radiant countertop or bench warmer.

Need Help Choosing the Right Heating?

No problem! The team at Green Wave Distribution is available 24/7 to assist you in selecting the right radiant heater for your home or property.