Outdoor & Patio Heaters

Experience warmth like never before

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Extend your outdoor living season with our large selection of high-performance and stylish electric outdoor & patio heaters from Herschel®. Perfect for any patio and all-year alfresco use in cafes and restaurants.

Discover our range of powerful Warm Glow outdoor heaters including the Manhattan, freestanding Malibu, and Hawaii Wave. Our Warm Glow heaters are ideal for open areas with high air flow or in areas where year-round heating is desired. For sheltered spaces that are open to the outdoors, our Zero Light Summit and Aspect XL heaters provide aseptically pleasing warmth and comfort.

Warm Glow or Zero Light

Warm Glow heaters are ideal for open areas with high air flow or in areas where year round heating is desired. Our Zero Light Summit and Aspect XL heaters provide aseptically pleasing warmth and comfort.

High Weather Protection

Our Warm Glow heaters are built to withstand the elements and are rated for exposed outdoor use. Zero Light heaters are ideal for semi-outdoor areas that require more permanent heat.

Increased Sustainability

Our radiant heaters produce powerful heat without the emissions that traditional heaters produce. Each heater is fully electric so you'll never have to worry about running out of propane or gas.

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For outdoor restaurant or bar terraces, the powerful MANHATTAN 3000 watt is the perfect low-glare electric heater. This heater is ideal for large patios as well. The fast warm-up time of the Manhattan provides instant, powerful heat and is also suitable for particularly cold commercial environments thanks to Herschel’s low-glare infrared lamps. Aluminum construction ensures a lifetime of use while the mirror reflectors ensure heat is projected forward.


The HAWAII WAVE 2000 watt emits a warm glow that is ideal for both commercial and residential outdoor heating. This freestanding heater will add a touch of style and luxury to any outdoor gathering. Suitable for outdoor use all year round, the HAWAII WAVE provides a stylish, comfortable, no-glare illumination, that is ideal for sitting under. The heater can easily be detached from the stand for storage.

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The Malibu combines a stylish, freestanding design with a sleek powder-coated finish that is perfect for any outdoor area. Malibu’s powerful 2kW lamp features Herschel’s woven carbon fiber lamp technology. This provides the Malibu the power to heat the area while creating a cozy atmosphere, regardless of whether it’s a restaurant patio or a home patio. The Malibu is fully IPX5 compliant, making it suitable for use outdoors year-round for commercial applications.


From restaurants, bars, shops, and similar indoor environments, Summit’s slimline, tasteful design makes it an excellent choice for discreet, stylish heating. The SUMMIT White is the energy-efficient heating solution for areas that require comfort heating without the glow of infrared light. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sheltered applications, the SUMMIT White is as stylish as it is powerful. It is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor environments where airflow is low or manageable.

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The Aspect XL is an energy-efficient heating solution that can be used both indoors and outdoors under enclosed, sheltered conditions. It is especially suitable for applications where aesthetically pleasing comfort heating with zero light is desired. The Aspect XL is ideal for reception areas, stores, hotels, churches, restaurants, convention centers, covered patios, and terraces, or anywhere in public view.