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Heated Driveway Systems for Residential and Commercial Use

Warm up your driveway, sidewalk or pathway throughout the winter to maintain an ice-free, snow-free surface. Heated driveway systems from Green Wave Distribution are made for residential and commercial use to keep your property safe, even in the most challenging weather! Our heated driveway mats make it easy to remove snow and ice throughout the winter. Best of all, our products make properties safer by preventing accidents due to shoveling.

Why Should I Heat My Driveway?

There’s more than one reason to heat your driveway or driveway. Ultimately, many homeowners and business owners in the northeast choose to heat their driveways due to the safety and convenience.

Save Time

It takes hours to shovel walkways and driveways throughout a long, snowy winter. In a season when repeated snow falls – or during a single storm when the snow continues to accumulate – you may spend tens or even hundreds of hours shoveling snow off your property.

Save Money

Although snow melting mats cost money up front, they can save money in the long run. Property owners that can afford to hire help to shovel snow off their property will often do so. However, if your driveway or walkway has been heated, then you may not have to pay anyone to shovel snow off your property – ever!

Avoid Equipment Rentals


Even getting rid of snow and ice yourself can be expensive if you have to rent the equipment for yourself. Snow removal equipment rentals can be especially costly if you have to rent the equipment repeatedly throughout the winter. Buying the equipment is also expensive, and that equipment may not last if driveway snow melting mats.


Save Space In Your Garage


If you’re thinking of buying snow removal equipment for your property, remember that you’ll have to store it somewhere. Snow blowers and tractors can take up a lot of space in your garage – space you could be using for something else.




When you plow snow off your property, that snow will inevitably form large piles on the sides of your driveway, roadway or path. Heated mats for driveways work by melting the snow away from your driveway, so that snow will never form an unattractive mound on your lawn.




During an ongoing snowstorm, you may have to shovel your walkway and driveway multiple times just to prevent the snow from becoming compacted and icy. If you don’t shovel your walkways repeatedly, you could end up with a hard-to-remove layer of ice on your property.




Driveway heating mats don’t require you to come out multiple times in one day or one night to shovel, which means that it’s easier to keep up with the snow removal on your property. In this way, driveway heating systems are more effective at removing snow.



Shoveling snow can be dangerous work. People who are shoveling their driveway can easily fall and break a bone. Shoveling snow can also result in other injuries, including heart-problems, muscle aches and more.


How Does a Heated Driveway Work?

Heated driveway mats consist of heating cables on mesh mats. These mats can be controlled through moisture and temperature sensors. Some mats rely on a timer system, or may be operated manually. Some systems connect to weather forecasts to turn on before poor weather begins. Other mats are designed to be turned on at the start of winter and off at the end.

ClearZone - Line Voltage Snow Melting System
STEP HEAT - Low Voltage Snow Melting System

Who Benefits from a Heated Driveway System?

Customers who benefit from a heated driveway system include:

  • People who are unable to or who do not want to shovel snow from their driveway or pathways throughout the winter.
  • Customers who have high-end properties that they live in throughout the winter.
  • Businesses with safety concerns for customers and employees
  • Hilly properties that can easily become dangerous in the event of a heavy snow
  • How Is a Heated Driveway Installed?
  • Heated driveways are typically installed when properties are first built or when driveways are replaced. Heated mats for driveways can also be installed on top of an existing driveway.

Mats need a solid base of gravel. Once the gravel is in place, the mats are placed on top of the gravel, and then the driveway is laid down on top of the gravel. Mats can also be installed over existing driveways

What Are the Benefits of Snow Melting Mats for Driveway?

Benefits of snow melting mats for driveways are numerous.


  • Increase property value. Driveway heating mats can be an attractive feature for anyone thinking about buying a property, which can increase the value of the home or business.
  • Convenience. Driveway snow melting mats help ensure that homeowners and business owners never need to shovel their property again.
  • Long-lasting value. Driveway snow melting mats from Green Wave Distribution deliver long-lasting value over many years and many seasons of snow.


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