Electric Snow Melting Mats

The only plug & play snow melting system. 

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Meet Melt Mat’s, the above ground, plug & play heat mats for snow and ice melting.

Eliminate snow and ice effortlessly with our portable Ice Melting and Electric Snow Melt Systems, suitable for both residential and commercial properties. 

Simply plug our snow melting mats into an outdoor outlet to melt up to 2 inches of snow every hour from home. This cost-effective alternative to underground heating systems minimizes freeze-thaw cycles and reduces deicing chemicals, extending the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. 

Switch to our Snow Melting technology for hassle-free removal.

Wi-Fi Ready

No Salt or Chemicals

Plug & Play

Durable Design


We provide electric snow melting mats for stairs, landings, entries, driveways, and ramps that are simple to install and don’t require resurfacing of outdoor surfaces. Simply roll the mats out, plug them into a standard outlet, and enjoy the convenience of snow melting power.

Not sure where to start? Our snow melting system experts are available to provide no-cost system designs.



Snow melting has never been this easy. Walkway and Stair mats quickly connect to one another via the watertight plug and socket, creating a continuous snow melting path. 

Choose Your Mats


Keep your stairs free and clear of snow with our snow and ice melting mats.


Walkway mats connect with stair mats to provide a continuous path to and from your home.

600x600 (20)


No more shoveling out or tracking snow into your home with out heated walkway mats.


Snow melting power without the need to embed cable below your driveway surface.

Mobility Ramps

Keep your home or business easily accessible no matter what winter has in store. 

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  1. Preparation:

    • Ensure that the surface where the mat will be placed is free of any objects or debris, such as nails, which could cause damage to the bottom of the mats.
  2. Laying Out the Mats:

    • One side of the mat is smooth. Ensure the smooth side is facing upwards.
    • Properly lay out the mats on your walkway or staircase.
  3. Cable Management:

    • Make sure that the cables are placed in a manner that they don’t pose a tripping hazard. Arrange them so that no one trips on the cables accidentally.
  4. Connecting Multiple Mats:

    • The mats come with connectors that allow multiple stair and walkway mats to be connected together.
    • It’s important to consider the total amps of each mat when connecting multiple mats. This information can be found on the mat’s label or product specifications.
  5. Special Note on Decorative Concrete:

    • If your walkway or patio is a form of decorative concrete (such as stained concrete) that might have a sealer on the top surface, take precautions as the sealer might degrade when exposed to large amounts of heat.
    • Place a small layer of insulation under the heat mats to prevent the heat from affecting the sealer.
  6. Warnings:

    • Do not leave packages on heated mats.
    • Ensure that the mats are installed as per the provided instructions to avoid risks of fire or electric shock.

Snow & Ice Melting Mats are designed for the purpose of removing snow and ice from surfaces.

No, you should never use the mats indoors.

If your walkway or patio is a form of decorative concrete, also known as stained concrete, it most likely has a sealer on the top surface that could degrade when exposed to large amounts of heat. It is advisable to place a small layer of insulation under the mats to prevent the heat from penetrating the sealer.

Ensure that the surface is free of sharp objects or nails, which could cause damage to the bottom of the mats.

No, the mats should not be used inside pet houses.

Need Help Choosing the Snow Melting Mat?

No problem! The team at Green Wave Distribution is available 24/7 to assist you in selecting the right snow melting system for your home or property.