Melt Mat - Snow Melting Mats

The above ground, plug & play solution for snow and ice melting.

Meet the Melt Mat Snow and Ice Melting System, a portable and customizable solution that is designed to solve the unique snow and ice challenges for your residential or commercial property. By connecting our rugged heating mats to a 120V or 220V standard outdoor power outlet, you can efficiently melt 2-inches of snow and ice every hour from the comfort of your home. Melt Mat is an affordable alternative to below ground electric and hydronic radiant heat systems. durable electric mats are placed on top of your driveway for an easy and practical snow melting and deicing solution. Put snow removal convenience at your fingertips without the expense of replacing or resurfacing your driveway. Melt Mat Snow & Ice Melting Mats will help preserve the life of your exterior surfaces by minimizing free and thaw cycles and the use of deicing chemicals.

Wi-Fi Ready

No Salt or Chemicals

Plug & Play

Durable Design

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