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Energy-efficient, slimline radiant heating panels for homes, yoga studios, and commercial properties.

Herschel®'s ultra-slim, energy-efficient radiant heating panels will evenly warm your rooms for a luxurious, natural experience that simply can't be beat. While other systems heat the air in a room, our Herschel® Radiant Heating Panels warm the walls, ceilings, and floors evenly, allowing the heat to be absorbed and gently re-emitted into the room. As a result, infrared heating is more energy efficient than traditional heating systems which waste energy by heating large volumes of air.

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More Sustainable

Net zero heating has never been easier with our radiant heaters, which are efficient, simple to install, and cost-effective! Power with alternative energy for zero emission warmth and comfort. There has never been a better time to go fully electric!

Higher Comfort

Human bodies have evolved to absorb far infrared radiant heat from the sun. Our infrared radiant heating technology provides the heat humans are designed to experience. Radiant heating makes you feel warmer faster, providing a feeling of comfort unlike any other.

Increased Wellness

Infrared heaters provide direct heat to the building, driving out dampness and mold to create a healthier living environment in your home.

How Infared/Radiant Heat works?

how radiant heaters work
how radiant heaters work

Radiant heating panels create warmth similar to the sun's rays, heating objects and surfaces in the room, rather than the air. This generates a comfortable warmth that's energy-efficient and effective.

In contrast, traditional heating systems, such as central forced air heaters, baseboard heaters, or wall heaters, waste energy by heating the air rather than the occupants of the room.

Inspire Comfort

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Complete Control. The Herschel® MD2 Thermostat gives you instant access to your heating system in the palm of your hand.

Smart Programming

Why waste energy heating unused spaces? Use the Smart Programming feature to set each room on a daily program. The integrated WiFi chip allows for smartphone and tablet control via the SmartLife app.

Customizable & Shareable

Add each room to your profile and control rooms individually or in groups from the Smart Life app. You can also share your system with family, friends, and work colleagues.

Design Flexibility

Thermostats can be used with soft starts and contactors, enabling you to control large numbers of high-powered heaters at once.

Our radiant heat panels emit far infrared heat into the surrounding air, which is absorbed by the objects and surfaces in the room. For optimal results, it is advisable to install the panels at elevated positions such as the walls or ceiling. Directly facing a window may reduce the efficiency of the heaters.

Is the use of radiant heaters safe for humans? Radiant heat is completely safe and natural for our bodies, as our physiology is adapted to both absorb and emit infrared radiation. Additionally, the warmth that infrared provides is highly agreeable to our senses. It’s important to note that it is ultraviolet radiation, not infrared, that poses a threat to our well-being. Consequently, there is no necessity to…

Our Radiant heat panels are low-maintenance and require no servicing, setting them apart from water-based heating or fan-assisted systems that frequently necessitate expensive inspections and repairs. Additionally, unlike gas or oil boilers that must be replaced every decade, there is no need to undertake a complete reinstallation with our heaters.

Our radiant heat panels are designed for straightforward installation and are delivered with an extensive set of instructions. As Infrared panels function as an electric installation, it is recommended to have them fitted by a qualified electrician. We have a network of Accredited Installers who are happy to provide assistance – but equally we can work with any electrician, to help them with the installation process. 

Several factors should be considered when planning to install an infrared panel, including:

  • Ensuring an appropriately-sized electrical source is available. If you are unsure, it’s best to seek the advice of an electrician
  • Placing the panel in accordance with the recommended operating heights and minimum separation distances specified in the instruction manual
  • Verifying that the wall/ceiling where the heater will be hung has adequate strength
  • Following any other precautions indicated in the instructions.

Radiant Heat Panels are capable of providing energy savings of up to 60% when compared to traditional heating systems.

Infrared heating, which warms the building’s structure instead of the air, operates 24 hours a day at a fraction of the expense of gas, oil, or other electric heating alternatives. This approach is the key to the system’s energy efficiency.

All of the electrical energy utilized by infrared systems is transformed into heat, allowing property owners an unparalleled level of control over their building’s temperature and energy use.

The amount of energy savings will be dependent on each specific property and its previous heating solution. However, infrared panels can produce substantial reductions in energy consumption when installed in a sufficiently insulated building, including:

  • Up to a 30% reduction in gas central heating systems;
  • Up to a 50% reduction in oil central heating systems; and
  • Up to a 60% reduction in electrical storage heating.

Why Choose Herschel® Radiant Heaters?

  • 100% Net Zero Heating
  • Reduced Energy Use
  • Increased Comfort & Wellness
  • Maintenance Free
  • Made with 95% Recyclable Materials

Need Help Choosing the Right Infrared Heater?

No problem! The team at Green Wave Distribution is available 24/7 to assist you in selecting the right radiant heater for your home or property.