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Hot Yoga Infrared
Radiant Heaters

Discover our industry leading heaters for yoga studios – for business and home studios.

Our high performance radiant heating systems from Herschel® Infrared are the most effective and efficient solution for heating a yoga studio. By using radiant heat instead of heating the air, these hot yoga heaters gently warm both people and objects in the room. The infrared rays will enhance and improve circulation by safely penetrating the skin and warming it from the inside. Our heaters for yoga studios provide the highest level of comfort and provide a sensation that feels like a spring day with the sun shining on your face.

Natural Heat

Our bodies and skin have evolved to naturally absorb radiant heat with the greatest efficiency.

Healthier Environments

Yoga improves health, don't let the heating system for your yoga studio compromise that.

Better Efficiency

Heat right where you need it. No energy is lost by trying to heat all of the air in your yoga studio.


Experience the pinnacle of hot yoga with our state-of-the-art radiant heaters. Our radiant heaters provide a consistent and gentle heat that envelops your space, creating an ideal environment for hot yoga. Feel the soothing warmth embrace you as you flow through poses, promoting flexibility, deeper stretching, and improved muscle recovery.

Unleash the detoxifying power of hot yoga with our heaters. The controlled heat induces a purifying sweat, helping your body release toxins and rejuvenate from within. Embrace the transformative benefits of a deep cleanse as you push your limits and unlock new levels of vitality.

How Do Radiant Hot Yoga Radiant Panels Work?

Hot yoga radiant heaters heaters emit infrared radiation, which directly heats the objects and people in the room without heating the air in between. This is different from traditional convection heaters that heat the air first.

They typically consist of a series of heating elements that emit far-infrared waves. These waves are absorbed by the objects and bodies in the room, raising their temperature. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the space, creating a comfortable and warm environment.

Overall, hot yoga radiant heaters provide a pleasant and comfortable heat for hot yoga practice by utilizing infrared radiation to directly warm the objects and bodies in the space.

Infrared radiation has the ability to penetrate the skin and heat the body directly, resulting in a deeper and more intense sensation of warmth compared to traditional heating methods. 

This makes hot yoga radiant heaters ideal for hot yoga studios, as they can provide a consistent and efficient heat source for the practice.

These heaters come with adjustable settings, allowing users to control the intensity and temperature of the heat. They are also designed to be energy-efficient, as they focus the heat directly on the objects and people in the room, rather than wasting energy heating the air.

Complete Control. The Herschel® MD2 Thermostat gives you instant access to your heating system in the palm of your hand.

Smart Programming

Why waste energy heating unused spaces? Use the Smart Programming feature to set each room on a daily program. The integrated WiFi chip allows for smartphone and tablet control via the SmartLife app.

Customizable & Shareable

Add each room to your profile and control rooms individually or in groups from the Smart Life app. You can also share your system with family, friends, and work colleagues.

Design Flexibility

Thermostats can be used with soft starts and contactors, enabling you to control large numbers of high-powered heaters at once.

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How To Install Radiant Yoga heaters

To install hot yoga radiant heaters for home or yoga studios, choose a suitable location, such as the ceiling or walls, and ensure proper electrical connections and ventilation. Follow manufacturer instructions for mounting and usage.

1. Preparation: 

Ensure that the surface where the pavers or stone will be installed is clean and free from debris. This will allow for proper adhesion of the radiant heat mats.

2. Layout and Placement: 

Lay out the radiant heat mats according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These mats are designed to be easily installed and can be cut to fit the desired area. Place the mats evenly, ensuring complete coverage across the surface.

3. Electrical Connections: 

Connect the radiant heat mats to the appropriate power source according to the provided guidelines. It is essential to follow the electrical requirements and safety instructions provided by the manufacturer..

4. Insulation: 

To maximize the efficiency of the radiant heat system, consider adding insulation beneath the mats. This helps to direct the heat upwards, minimizing heat loss and ensuring optimal performance.

5. Paver Installation: 

Once the radiant heat mats are in place, proceed with the installation of the pavers or stone. Follow standard installation procedures, ensuring that the pavers or stone are securely set in the desired pattern.

6. Testing and Operation: 

After the installation is complete, test the radiant heat system to ensure proper functionality. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to operate the system effectively. Adjust the settings as needed to achieve the desired level of warmth.