Hot Yoga Radiant Heaters

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Hot Yoga
Radiant Heaters

Discover our industry leading heaters for yoga studios – for business & home studios.

Our high performance radiant heating systems from Herschel® Infrared are the most effective and efficient solution to heat your hot yoga studio. By using radiant heat instead of heating the air, these hot yoga heaters gently warm both people and objects in the room. The infrared rays will enhance and improve circulation by safely penetrating the skin and warming it from the inside. Our heaters for yoga studios provide the highest level of comfort and provide a sensation that feels like a spring day with the sun shining on your face.

Natural Heat

Our bodies and skin have evolved to naturally absorb radiant heat with the greatest efficiency.

Healthier Environments

Yoga improves health, don't let the heating system for your yoga studio compromise that.

Better Efficiency

Heat right where you need it. No energy is lost by trying to heat all of the air in your yoga studio.

Complete Control. The Herschel® MD2 Thermostat gives you instant access to your heating system in the palm of your hand.

Smart Programming

Why waste energy heating unused spaces? Use the Smart Programming feature to set each room on a daily program. The integrated WiFi chip allows for smartphone and tablet control via the SmartLife app.

Customizable & Shareable

Add each room to your profile and control rooms individually or in groups from the Smart Life app. You can also share your system with family, friends, and work colleagues.

Design Flexibility

Thermostats can be used with soft starts and contactors, enabling you to control large numbers of high-powered heaters at once.