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How Much Does a Span Panel Cost? Purchase & Install Costs

The Span electric panel encompasses state-of-the-art hardware capable of integrating with renewable energy sources, smart home devices, and providing real-time energy consumption data, all through a simple app.

It currently costs $4500 but is eligible for a $600 tax credit (25C) in many cases. The SPAN panel is also subject to further localized utility incentives in states such as California and Hawaii.

Key Takeaways

  • A SPAN panel costs $4500 per unit. With installation, the total cost is normally around $8,250 to $9,250+ before tax credits and available discounts are added. 
  • Installation costs are typically between $3000-$5000, but these costs are reducing as the number of qualified installers increases.
  • Tax Credit 25C will reduce the total cost to $7650-$8650, and Tax Credit 25D will reduce the cost to $6,075 – $6,775.

Understanding Span Panel Costs

Overview of Span Electrical Panel Cost

When considering upgrading your home’s electrical system, the Span smart electrical panel stands out for its innovative approach to energy management.

The cost of a Span panel, while appearing steep at first glance, reflects its advanced features and the value it adds to your home.

Purchasing a panel directly from SPAN currently costs $4,500 (excluding installation, taxes, and shipping). This price may be lowered to $3,900 with IRA federal tax credit eligibility.

Installation Costs and Factors Influencing Price

Installation costs for a Span smart electrical panel can vary widely, generally between $3,000 and $5,000, depending on several factors:

  • Local labor rates: Geographic location affects the cost of professional services.
  • Complexity of installation: Older homes or those requiring significant electrical system upgrades may incur higher costs.
  • Additional components: Depending on your home’s setup, additional components like sub-panels or dedicated circuits may be necessary.

Tax Credits and Discounts

If you choose to purchase a SPAN panel it may also qualify for other incentives and cost-saving schemes in addition to the IRA federal tax credit ($600). The full list of incentives currently available includes:

  • 25D Tax Credit: Offers 30% off equipment and installation costs when included in a solar installation.
  • 25C Tax Credit: Up to $600 for panel upgrades with eligible energy-efficient installations.
  • HEEHRA Upfront Discount: Offers up to $4,000 discount based on income level.

Total Expense Analysis

Currently, we estimate the average pricing for installing a SPAN panel to range from $8,250 to $9,250+, with potential reductions to $6,075$6,775 after applying the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (25D). 

You can only apply one of the available tax credits to your purchase of a SPAN panel.

These incentives make the SPAN panel an even more appealing investment for homeowners looking to enhance their energy management and security. 


The SPAN app allows you to monitor and control every circuit in your home from your mobile device.

What’s even cooler, is that you can try it out for free using their SPAN Home Simulator. No purchase or login is required, just download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores and try it for yourself.

SPAN app

Comparative Analysis with Traditional and Smart Panels

Span Panel vs. Traditional Electrical Panels

Traditional radiant heat panels, typically priced between $500 and $1,000 for the hardware, fall short of the Span panel’s innovative features, such as real-time monitoring and energy management.

The long-term savings in energy costs, plus the added convenience and safety features of a Span panel, more than justifies the higher initial cost.

Span Panel vs. Other Smart Panels

While other smart electrical panels exist, the Span smart panel distinguishes itself through its comprehensive home energy management system, ease of use, and integration capabilities.

Its cost is competitive when considering the full range of benefits and advanced technology it offers.

Unique Features Justifying the Span Panel Price

Advanced Energy Management

The Span electrical panel allows homeowners to prioritize energy distribution, seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources, and monitor energy usage in real-time, offering unparalleled control over your home’s energy footprint.

Smart Home Integration

Compatibility with leading smart home devices enhances the Span panel’s functionality, making it a central hub for both energy management and home automation.

Safety and Reliability

Enhanced safety features, including real-time alerts and circuit-specific control, provide peace of mind, distinguishing the Span smart electrical panel as a leader in both innovation and homeowner safety.

Evaluating Your Home’s Energy Needs

Assessment and Planning

Before investing in a Span breaker panel, consider your current and future energy needs, the age of your home’s electrical system, and any plans for renewable energy integration.

This evaluation ensures that the Span panel is both a practical and financially sound decision for your home.

Selecting a Certified Installer

Finding a Qualified Professional

Given the Span smart electrical panel’s advanced technology, choosing a certified installer with experience in smart home technology is crucial.

This ensures a smooth installation process and maximizes the benefits of your investment.

Span Panel Breaker Compatibility

Compatibility Considerations

The Span panel’s innovative design is compatible with a wide range of circuit breakers, ensuring seamless integration into most home electrical systems.

This compatibility simplifies the upgrade process and expands the Span panel’s applicability to a broader range of homes.

Long-Term Benefits of Span Smart Panel

Investing in a Span electrical panel can yield significant long-term savings through more efficient energy use and potential increases in home value.

The Span panel’s advanced features not only contribute to lower energy bills but also enhance the appeal of your home to future buyers interested in smart home technology and energy efficiency.


How much is a SPAN breaker panel?

The SPAN breaker panel costs $4500.

Does SPAN panel qualify for a tax credit?

Yes, it qualifies for both the 25C and 25D tax credits, plus the Heera Upfront Discount in some instances.

What is the alternative to a SPAN panel?

The main alternatives to the SPAN Panel currently available are Lumin, Hygge Power, and LumenCache.

Wrapping Up

The Span smart electrical panel is a key upgrade in managing home energy and safety. 

Despite its upfront cost ($4,500 before discounts/tax credits), its energy efficiency, smart integration, and safety benefits justify the investment. 

With proper assessment and a skilled installer, it can significantly improve your home’s electrical system.

If you would like to discuss the best options for adding a SPAN Panel to your home, get in touch today.