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7 Highly Efficient Construction Upgrades For New Home Builds

Building your dream home is an exciting experience. The entire process can be fun and rewarding, from creating your floor plan to choosing your desired features. However, while you want to build your ideal home, there are some new construction upgrades to avoid.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few unnecessary builder upgrades to steer away from and seven unique upgrades that can look perfect in your new residence.

But first, let’s go over some of the standout points.


Key Notes

  • Kitchen backsplash, home appliances, plumbing fixtures and faucets, landscaping, and mirrors are upgrades that can be avoided as they can be easily installed later and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  • Tall kitchen cabinets and energy-efficient features are upgrades worth considering as they add value to the home and save money in the long run.
  • Installing windows facing north and south, adding trees and vegetation to the landscaping, and installing smart home technology are some energy-efficient upgrades that homeowners should consider.

New Construction Upgrades to Avoid

new construction upgrades to avoid

If you’re building your dream home, you have a world of possibilities in front of you. However, with so many options, you can pick some features you’ll regret later. Planning, researching, and choosing upgrades you’ll love for many years is essential.

Check out the following new construction upgrades to skip:

Kitchen Backsplash

Did you know a home builder makes a good amount of money on home upgrades? That’s right—the more upgrades they sell, the more money in their pocket. Also, most upgrades are often marked up in price. This list includes a kitchen backsplash.

While the kitchen backsplash looked great in the demo home, this is one upgrade you may want to pass on. 

Installing the tile can be long, adding hefty labour costs. Additionally, the price of the tile can also add up quickly. 

If you’re interested in adding this feature later on, we recommend doing it yourself or hiring a professional after closing. This tip can save you hundreds!

Home Appliances

While many new home builds come with brand-new appliances, don’t stress if that’s not the case in your home. It can be a blessing in disguise—you could save a lot of money. 

After closing, you can visit your local appliance store to pick up some high-quality appliances. Not only will you save some cash, but you can also choose from various options. 

This typically makes it easier to find appliances that best suit your needs. Before hitting the stores, make sure you understand the proper sizing. Take some measurements beforehand to find appliances that fit their desired locations.

Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets

Plumbing fixtures and faucets are vital in any home. However, while a home builder will offer some beautiful shower heads and elegant faucets, these are some builder upgrades to avoid. 

As fixtures and faucets are simple to install and replace, you can easily handle this project independently—significantly since the builder can charge a hefty fee for these upgrades. 

That said, we suggest choosing the basic options with your home builder. You can easily upgrade these features down the road. Home Depot, Lowes, and other home improvement stores carry many products. 

Also, these stores offer a much more comprehensive selection than your builder. This decision could also save you hundreds if not thousands!


Let’s face it—your builder specialises in homes, not landscaping. That said, we recommend opting out of their landscaping upgrades. Additionally, many builders usually don’t have many landscaping options available. Not only is there a small selection, but landscaping upgrades can also be pricey. 

This is another process that you can deal with after closing. While you won’t have that dazzling yard when you move in, you could create your dream landscaping setup in just days. You can complete these tasks yourself or find a professional at an affordable price.


Everyone loves a great mirror. However, your home builder may try to sell you on some ornate mirrors you don’t need. You can easily find these independently at a fraction of the cost. 

Installing mirrors is relatively simple if you’re looking for a DIY project. We recommend choosing your mirrors for the entryways, foyer, and bathrooms. Head over to a local glass shop and check out their selection.

Quality is another factor to think about. While your builder may have several incredible mirror options, their quality can differ. They may have low-end mirrors at high-end prices. That said, this is an upgrade you should skip.

New Construction Upgrades That Add Value

new construction upgrades that add value

Now, we’ll discuss which upgrades could be the right decision. Not only do the following features add value to your home, but they’re also a good bang for your buck.

So, what upgrades are worth it in a new home?

Radiant Floor Heating

energy efficient heat mats

Radiant home flooring is gaining in popularity. While these systems aren’t cheap, this upgrade is worth it. These energy-efficient heat mats involve a set of heated tubes or wires that sit underneath your floor. 

They work with either hot water or electricity. While you can have radiant floor heating throughout your home, they work best on feet that are cool to the touch. This includes natural stone and tile. 

A radiant floor heating system is a reliable comfort solution you’ll love for years! They’re also invisible, providing more space for your belongings, and are a cost-effective way to heat your home.

Tall Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one area where you always want some extra space. However, finding enough room can often be challenging. Consider looking up! 

You can add tons of room to your kitchen by utilising the area below your ceiling. The best way to achieve this is with extra tall cabinets. While you may need a stool to reach items on the top shelf, it’s worth the hassle. The upper shelves are a great place to store items you only use occasionally. They’re also a good area for bulky items.

If you get standard cabinets from your builder, these are probably 30 inches tall. We recommend asking for cabinets about 36 or even 42 inches in height. This is an upgrade that’s undoubtedly worth the money. You will have all that extra space, and tall cabinets will look more visually appealing. Try to find wardrobes that extend as high as possible. The closer they are to the ceiling, the better!

Smart Technology

Span smart panel

Home technology has advanced quite a bit over the years. Today, your home can make your life a lot easier. We recommend investing in intelligent technology home upgrades with your new build. These allow you to sync up your mobile devices with many functions of your residence, including controlling your HVAC unit, locking/unlocking doors, playing music, and much more.

While all of these capabilities add convenience to your busy life, one of the most significant benefits of innovative technology involves security. If you forget to lock the door when you leave in the morning, innovative technology allows you to fix the problem from your smartphone. Also, if you have a security system installed, you can use your phone to view your security cameras.

Deep Kitchen Drawers

Your drawers are another area to consider as we return to the kitchen. These are places where you can store many bulky items, such as pots and pans. That said, ask the builder about installing deep drawers to hold these more oversized items. Storing pots and pans can be a serious hassle, so throwing them in the drawer can be easy. These deep drawers are also excellent for keeping small appliances like blenders and toasters.


A beautiful home with the right tilework looks fantastic. However, installing tile takes a lot of work, which can drive up the installation price. While you can add tile later on after closing, it can be a huge hassle—primarily if you pursue a DIY project. To save the headache, and if you can afford it, we suggest getting upgraded tilework from your builder. If you’re short on cash and can’t put tile everywhere you want to, the primary bathroom is an excellent place to start. You’ll spend a lot of time in this area, so having a comfortable room with gorgeous under tile heating may be worth the money.

Energy-Efficient Features

Saving energy is vital. Not only is this practice good for the planet, but it also saves you money. That being said, consider adding some energy-efficient elements to your new home build. First things first, look at your design. Install windows facing north and south instead of east and west. This helps to avoid the sun shining directly into your home. Not only is this direct sunlight extremely annoying, but it can also add more unwanted heat during the summer.

You should also think about trees and landscaping in terms of energy efficiency. Consider adding trees to the east and west of your home to save even more on cooling costs. These provide natural shade from the powerful sun. A few more tips include installing energy-efficient appliances, having good insulation, and buying high-quality windows.


Skylights can add exceptional beauty to your home. While they provide a solution for bringing in natural light, they’re also great for stargazing. This is the perfect way to fall asleep at night! Many homeowners install skylights over their beds, in hallways, and living rooms. These add a nice touch to any home. Be sure to ask your builder about their selection of skylights.

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