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4 Best Bathroom Mirror Heaters 2024

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Top 4 Bathroom Mirror Heaters

1. Herschel Mirror Radiant Heat Panel

Herschel Mirror Radiant Heat Panel


This Mirror Infrared Heat Panel from Herschel is easily the best bathroom mirror heater available on the market.

It is manufactured to the highest standards with top materials and components using German engineering expertise that is second to none.

The heating it provides is rapid and comfortable, and it remains completely condensation-free even in the steamiest of bathrooms.

Herschel’s mirror heater is available in 7 different sizes, from 11.8″x23.6″ 250W (heating area 32 – 52 ft2) up to 23.6″x63″ 1250W (heating area 183 – 312 ft2) so there is no problem in finding the perfect model for any sized bathroom.

It has a sleek and stylish design making it suitable for practically any room, not just bathrooms, and it is also compatible with Herschel iQ controls enabling Smart control.

Herschel’s mirror heater is also around 60% more energy efficient than traditional heaters. 

If you are looking for a bathroom mirror heater that is both elegant and an extremely effective room heater, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

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2. Ener-J 450W Mirror Infrared Heater

Ener-J 450W Mirror Infrared Heater


The Ener-J 450W Mirror Infrared Heater offers a 3-in-1 functionality, featuring a mirror surface, LED lighting, and a far-infrared heating panel.

The far-infrared technology ensures a healthy and safe heating option by maintaining a clean, dust-free environment with no air circulation required.

We like that the unit’s slim and stylish design takes up minimal space, and It’s easy to install, with mounting accessories included for quick setup.

Another great feature is the LED lights. They are dimmable, and the color temperature can change (CCT), allowing for adjustable lighting conditions to suit your mood or needs. Good for creating a relaxing ambiance.

While not quite up to the Herschel model, it still offers up to 50% energy efficiency compared to other heating systems.

The only other real limitation is the fact that it only comes in one size of 600 x 1000 x 12mm 580W (heating area 64 – 85 ft2). So, if your bathroom is bigger than that, you may need to add additional panels. 

Overall though this is a fine bathroom heater and the adjustable LED lighting adds a great extra bit of value and comfort.

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3. Ember Mirror Radiant Panel Heater

Evokor Bathroom Heating Mirror With LED Backlight


The Ember Mirror Radiant Panel Heater has an impressive heat output of 2,046 BTUs per hour while costing approximately 7 cents per hour on average to operate. 

Its efficiency is similar to that of the Ener-J 450W and typically reduces heating costs by as much as 50% compared to conventional systems, but it has a bit more bang for its buck when it comes to heating.

Another plus point is Its dual connection feature that allows for either a hardwired connection to a thermostat or a plug-in to a standard outlet, providing flexibility in installation and use. 

The Ember is also available in two sizes 35″ x 24″ – 600W (heating area 80 – 120 ft2) and 47″ x 24″ – 800W (heating area 125 – 210 ft2) giving you more flexibility in terms of your bathroom size. 

Overall the Ember is a powerful heater that is cheap to run and it comes with a 5-year warranty which is a big step up on the Ener-J, if not the Herschel’s 10 years. 

It’s also slightly more expensive that the equivalent Herschel Models.

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4. Evokor Bathroom Heating Mirror With LED Backlight


The Evokor LED Bathroom Mirror is a great choice for people looking to add a bathroom mirror heater at a low price.

It has a slick, frameless design to give it a modern aesthetic and it really delivers on both heating and combatting condensation with its anti-fog and defrosting function.

The Evokor LED comes in two sizes 600x800x12mm – 450W (heating area 54 – 75 ft2) and 600x1000x12mm – 580W (heating area 65 – 86 ft2).

It also comes with a 2-year warranty. And while that doesn’t match up to the Herschel or the Ember, it is double the warranty length of the Ener-J with a significantly lower purchase price.

The Evokor LED Bathroom Mirror is an excellent option for anyone working with a limited budget.

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Not all bathroom mirror heaters are designed to heat the room. Many just de-mist the mirror in steamy rooms. Make sure you are choosing the right kind of mirror heater.

Bathroom Mirror Heater Comparison Table

FeaturesHerschel Mirror Radiant Heat PanelEner-J 450W Mirror Infrared HeaterEmber Mirror Radiant Panel HeaterEvokor Bathroom Heating Mirror with LED Backlight
Energy EfficiencyUp to 60% more efficientUp to 50% more efficientUp to 50% more efficientUp to 50% more efficient
Size/Dimensions11.8"x23.6" to 23.6"x63"600x1000x12mm35"x24", 47"x24"600x800x12mm, 600x1000x12mm
Power Output250W to 1250W580W600W, 800W450W, 580W
Heating Area32 - 52 ft² to 183 - 312 ft²64 - 85 ft²80 - 120 ft², 125 - 210 ft²54 - 75 ft², 65 - 86 ft²
Warranty10 years1 year5 years2 years
Design/AestheticSleek, stylishSlim, stylish with LED lightingBasic, functionalModern, frameless with LED lighting
Price$529 - $1,399$351.70$999 - $1,299$219.90


Are heated mirrors worth it?

Heated mirrors like the ones above can really enhance your daily bathroom experiences. 

They not only provide the most comfortable kind of heat, efficiently heating people, objects, and surfaces, but they also prevent any condensation from building up on the mirror so you no longer have to battle with a foggy mirror. 

And that means no more having to open the window and letting all the cold air in.

What is a mirror heater?

A mirror heater is a room heater that has a dual function as a mirror. 

Also known as infrared or radiant mirror heating panels, they form an aesthetic centerpiece of your bathroom while also keeping you warm and cozy.

They also have the added benefit of working to defog your mirror even in very steam rooms, allowing you to continue your bathroom routine without delay. 

Can a heated mirror heat a bathroom?

Absolutely. All of the heated mirrors in this article were designed to work as primary room heaters first and foremost.

Can I make my mirrors heated?

No. Devices like the bathroom mirror heaters reviewed here are complex heating technology units that are built to a number of technical and electrical safety standards. 

DIY attempts should be avoided.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Mirror Heater

The selection of the best bathroom mirror heaters for 2024 showcases top products that blend style, functionality, and energy efficiency. 

From the premium Herschel Mirror Radiant Heat Panel, celebrated for its superior craftsmanship and smart controls, to the value-packed Ener-J 450W Mirror Infrared Heater with its 3-in-1 functionality and LED lighting, these heaters redefine the modern bathroom experience.

Mirror heaters are essential for those seeking a blend of comfort and convenience in their bathrooms, providing radiant heat while keeping the mirror clear in steamy conditions. 

If you are interested in upgrading your bathroom with a mirror heater, get in touch to discuss the best options for your needs.