Is Radiant Heat Efficient?

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Radiant heat may be the most efficient option for one homeowner but not for another. There really is no definitive answer. Some people argue that radiant heat is more efficient than traditional forced air heating, while others claim the opposite. The answer is that it depends on a variety of factors, including the climate, type of home, how well insulated the home is, fuel costs, and the heating preferences of the homeowner.

Newly constructed homes with high insulation values and energy efficient windows often find electric radiant heat to be the most efficient choice. A small gap in batt insulation can cause large heat losses and newer homes often use blown insulation which is more efficient. Older homes built in the early 1900’s may need to be reinsulated for radiant heat to be more efficient than traditional systems. They may also require new windows to combat large heat losses from original or old windows. 

What makes radiant heat more efficient? 

With radiant heat, the heat is created right where it is needed. Traditional systems like forced air heating, create the heat in a single location (like the basement) and distribute the heat throughout the home. This can be inefficient since the heat cools as it travels through the ducts and some of the heat is lost through gaps and cracks in the ductwork. Electric radiant heat systems can also take advantage of renewable energy systems such as solar or wind to further increase their efficiency. If you are thinking about installing an alternative energy system in the future and looking to purchase a radiant heat system today, electric radiant heat may be a great choice for you. 

Are there other advantages to radiant heat beyond efficiency?

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Is radiant heat an efficient choice for your house?

Ultimately, the best way to decide if radiant heat is an efficient choice for your home is to consult with a professional. The heat experts at Green Wave Distribution can help you assess your home and climate and guide you in determining whether radiant heat is the most efficient choice for your home. We provide free detailed heat loss analyses on homes by taking in variables such as the number of heating degree days, insulation values of the windows and walls, glass area, ceiling heights, and overall area of the heated spaces. Explore our radiant heat products below, and contact us for an analysis today. 

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