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Where to Buy Step Warmfloor?

Warmfloor from STEP HEAT is available for purchase directly through our site at Greenwave Distribution or through custom order.

Greenwave Distribution is the only STEP Warmfloor distributor that sells nationwide throughout the entire USA.

To purchase STEP Warmfloor you have two simple options:

Buy Direct

If you already know your exact requirements you can purchase complete installation kits below.

Flooring Type

Carpet Floors

Length: 50 feet Buy Now | 75 Feet Buy Now

Laminate & Vinyl Floors

Length: 50 feet Buy Now | 75 Feet Buy Now

Hardwood Floors

Length: 50 feet Buy Now | 75 Feet Buy Now

Tile & Stone Floors

Length: 50 feet Buy Now | 70 Feet Buy Now

Concrete Floors

Length: 50 feet Buy Now | 70 Feet Buy Now

Get an Instant Quote

If you are uncertain about your exact requirements you can fill out our free quote form to have an instant quote for your own bespoke STEP Warmfloor home heating system. 

The form takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

Other STEP Warmfloor Distributors:

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12637 South 265 West, Suite 100

Draper, UT 84020

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Regions Covered: UTAH


Liberty Electric Products (Commercial)

113 Twin Oaks Drive

Syracuse, NY 13206

Phone: (315) 437-8100


Regions Covered: NORTHEAST

liberty electric products

Krogman Tile

4723 Lowell Ave

Lincoln, NE 68506

Phone: (402) 488-4614


Regions Covered: NEBRASKA

Krogman Tile

About STEP Warmfloor

STEP warmfloor

The STEP Warmfloor heating system offers unparalleled comfort and adaptability, providing consistent and soothing warmth beneath your feet. This cutting-edge low-voltage AC/DC heating system stands out as an ideal choice for floor warming or as a primary heating option when compared to traditional forced-air systems.

Unlike forced air which tends to lose heat, resulting in temperature variations as the system powers on and off, radiant heating warms objects within a room. These objects then retain and radiate this heat, stabilizing the room’s temperature. This even heat spread prevents cold drafts and provides comfort even at reduced temperatures, making it more energy-efficient and cost-friendly.

At the heart of STEP Warmfloor lies its unique self-regulating elements crafted from semi-conductive materials. These act as sensors, adjusting the heat output based on the ambient temperature—raising heat output when it’s cold and reducing it as it gets warmer. Typically powered by a 24V source, it’s also compatible with solar or wind energy. Not only is the system energy-efficient, but it also requires minimal maintenance, offers easy zoning, and is simple to install.

Whether you’re opting for natural stone, ceramic tiles, hardwood, laminates, or carpet, STEP Warmfloor is compatible. Its heating elements can be installed directly beneath most flooring types, making it an excellent choice for renovations, additions, or new builds.