Can I Use Radiant Floor ​Heating with Carpet?

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For many, radiant floor heating is considered to be the ultimate luxurious amenity in a home. They can imagine nothing more comfortable or relaxing than stepping foot onto warm floors that are heated to their desired temperature. Radiant floor heating makes getting out of bed easier, makes cooking in a tiled kitchen more appealing, and makes remote work in the basement more welcoming.

In addition, radiant underfloor heating also can be used as a supplementary heat source, making this luxurious option more sustainable and efficient as well. So, that begs the question, can you have radiant heat under the carpet?

Is Under Carpet Electric Heating Possible?

One of the most common misconceptions about radiant floor heating is that many people believe it is a technology that is only suitable for wood or stone floors. In reality, radiant floor heating under the carpet is not only possible — it’s actually a preferred option among homeowners.

Under the carpet, electric heating not only makes carpets warm, inviting, and incredibly comfortable to the touch, but it also can provide supplemental heat to the room. In fact, many people use radiant heat under a carpet as a primary heat source, particularly if it is installed in a room that rests on top of a concrete slab. A family room that is built on a concrete slab, for example, may be very difficult to keep warm during the winter months. Heated carpet floors not only add a touch of luxury to this type of room but they also evenly distribute heat to the space until the desired room temperature is reached.

Considerations for Radiant Floor Heating Under Carpet

Radiant heating under carpets is possible, and it is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to increase their comfort while reducing their ecological footprint. However, there are several considerations to be made when selecting carpet for a room that will have underfloor heating.

For instance, you should be mindful of the thickness of the carpet at the time that you purchase it. A carpet that is too thick may not effectively transfer or retain heat within the room. In addition, you will want to choose a carpet material that offers a low thermal resistance in order to maximize the efficiency of the electric heat under the carpet.

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Know Your Maximum Temperature for Heated Floor Under Carpet

Compared to other types of flooring materials that are used with underfloor heating, you may have to be more mindful of the maximum temperature that you set for your underfloor heating carpet. The maximum temperature may vary based on the type of carpet that you choose and the thickness of it, but generally speaking, you should set the maximum temperature at about 80 degrees. As with any radiant floor heating solution, you will want to rely on the use of a specialized thermostat in order to program your maximum temperature for your underfloor heating system..

Installing Radiant Heating for Basements

When you invest in radiant heat under the carpet, you also have the option of purchasing different upgrades and amenities that may enhance your overall system. Some of these optional add-ons may include:

  • Insulation Boards — Insulation boards or underlays can be purchased in order to improve the overall efficiency of your underfloor heating carpet system.
  • Programmable Thermostat — A programmable thermostat can be purchased as an upgrade in order to maximize your comfort level and improve the overall sustainability of your underfloor heating carpets.

Installing Heated Floors Under Carpet

In most cases, in-floor heating under the carpet is installed at the time of a renovation or during the construction process. Typically, carpet for radiant floor heat is laid after the system has been installed. However, it is possible to retrofit radiant floor heat to existing carpets.

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At Green Wave Distribution, we specialize in radiant floor heating solutions. All of our radiant floor heating products provide efficient, clean, and sustainable heat to rooms while simultaneously increasing the comfort of any living space, storage area, or work zone. We pride ourselves on the fact that our innovative and eco-friendly underfloor heating products can be installed under a variety of flooring materials, including carpet.

For more information about the benefits of having a heated floor under carpet,  contact Green Wave Distribution today.

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