EPI Building

The Electro Plastics facility, located in St. Louis, MO, covers 35,000 sqft and is a LEED-registered structure designed for optimal energy efficiency and performance.

Situated on a hill with extensive surrounding open spaces, this facility benefits from its proximity to amenities and major transport routes.

The building’s construction began in 2004 and concluded in July 2009.

Electricity Savings

During the 2010/2011 heating season, the facility recorded energy usage of just 0.73 watts per square foot.

System Efficiency

The heating system's design is tailored for maximum efficiency, with specific wattage levels set for various areas such as offices, warehouses, and factory spaces.

Money Saved

The average annual cost savings from using this efficient system amount to $37,161.06.

Heating System

The building exclusively utilizes the STEP Warmfloor Commercial system, an innovative, low-voltage (24V), AC/DC, semi-conductive polymer radiant heating system. This system is notable for using environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and fully recyclable materials.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable and efficient building materials were carefully selected, including advanced insulation systems that enhance thermal efficiency, reduce condensation, and minimise noise.
Key components like Butler Manufacturing’s ThermaLiner™ Insulation System and the MR-24® roof system are integral to the building’s energy performance.

The heating elements were installed using various methods to suit the building design, including over thermal insulation, embedded in concrete layers, beneath floor leveling compounds, and under different flooring materials.

Renewable energy from PV solar panels installed on the roof powers the building. The facility also uses an isolated electric meter to specifically monitor heating consumption during colder months.

The building maintains a comfortable indoor environment with temperatures set at 72ºF in office areas and 65ºF in warehouse and factory zones. 


The EPI Building demonstrates the successful use of the STEP Warmfloor Commercial system in a large-scale commercial environment, achieving significant energy and cost savings while supporting sustainability with environmentally friendly materials.