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Wood Flooring Underfloor Heating: What You Need to Know

For decades, nailed hardwood floors have been considered the premier option for flooring in any room. Elegant and timeless, nailed hardwood floors are designed to stand the test of time — and they add a touch of warmth and luxury to any room. In recent years, hardwood floors have become the favored choice for any room, including the entryway, living room, kitchen, bathroom and even bedroom. Today, not only are homeowners opting for stately hardwood floors, but they are enhancing their floors with radiant floor heating products.

Many people assume that underfloor heating is not possible underneath traditional hardwood floors, but the fact of the matter is, recent innovations have made it entirely possible to have safe, comfortable wooden floors in your home. Meet the STEP® HEAT floor heating system.

The STEP®HEAT system is designed specifically with natural wood in mind. No need to adjust the temperature to prevent warping and shifting your floor - this radiant floor heating system self-regulates its temperature to protect your wood floors at all times.  It provides you with effective, reliable, and most of all comfortable, underfloor heating beneath your nailed or glued hardwood floors.

Once you've selected a STEP® HEAT radiant floor heating system for your hardwood floors, it's time to have them installed. You can install them yourself or hire a contractor to complete this task. In most cases, people have radiant floor heating installed during a renovation project when they are upgrading their floors, however, you can retrofit radiant floor heating products to an existing floor if needed by installing the heating elements between joist bays.

Radiant Heat Solutions for Hardwood Floors

In order to enjoy warm and welcoming hardwood floors throughout your entire home, you will want to invest in a radiant heat product specifically designed for use with nailed hardwood floors. At Green Wave Distribution, we carry STEP® HEAT underfloor heating systems which are engineered to work with your hardwood floor. STEP HEAT has unique features make it the perfect choice for hardwood floors, such as:

  • Nail or Staple Down Installation - The STEP® HEAT heating element can be directly nailed or stapled into place. Don't try that with an electric cable or water tubing radiant heat system!
  • Flexible Rolls — STEP® HEAT comes on a flexible roll which is a great for heated hardwood floors in larger rooms. The heating element is simply rolled out and cut to length. This makes it easy to add heated hardwoods floors anywhere in your home.

STEP HEAT - Low Voltage Radiant Heating System

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Why You Should Invest in Underfloor Heating for Wooden Floor

Underfloor heating for your nailed hardwood floors is the best decision because:

  • It makes your floors warm and comfortable to the touch. You will always feel a sense of peace and relaxation in your home.
  • It serves as a supplemental heat source. Radiant floor heating will distribute clean, even heat throughout your space.
  • It is an affordable upgrade that adds a lot of value to your home. This feature is becoming more sought after amongst many home buyers in the market today.
  • It is easy to install. You can install it yourself or partner with a contractor to have it installed professionally.
  • It reduces your energy consumption. Radiant floor solutions will heat your room quicker and maintain your desired temperature for longer periods of time.

At Green Wave Distribution, we recognize that many homeowners are looking for a way to combine luxury with sustainability. If you are interested in coming up with environmentally-friendly heating solution for your home that also increases your quality of life, then radiant floor heating is the best option for you. Our wood flooring underfloor heating products are designed to safely and effectively heat your home. For more information about underfloor heating for wooden floor, contact us today.

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