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Choosing Tile, Marble or Stone Floors for Your Home Renovation Project

Electric radiant floor heating is increasing in popularity, leaving many homeowners wondering where they can incorporate this innovative technology into their home and which flooring materials are best for these heating systems. Fortunately, some of the most versatile flooring materials — tile, marble, and stone — are one of the best options for those who are considering heated floors.

Tile, marble, and stone floors are one of the most versatile flooring options for any renovation project, because they can be used in almost any room in the house. Tile, marble, and stone floors are a popular choice among homeowners who are redesigning a kitchen or renovating a bathroom, but they also can be used in basements, foyers, living areas and even bedrooms. Tile, marble, and stone floors are an excellent choice because:

  • They come in various colors and designs, giving you total control and flexibility. 
  • They are a durable flooring material that can withstand the high traffic of a home. 
  • They are easy to clean and maintain, so they always look great.

Choosing Tile, Marble or Stone Floors for Your Home Renovation Project

In addition to being one of the most versatile, durable and beautiful flooring choices, tile, marble and stone floors are the ideal material for electric radiant floor heating. Heated marble floors, for instance, can transform a kitchen area into an elegant and welcoming space where everyone wants to gather. Heated tile floors will take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary, allowing you and anyone who uses your bathroom to enjoy a spa-like experience. Heated stone floors will ensure that your entryway is not only grand, but also a comfortable and inviting space in your home.

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The Benefits of Investing in Heated Tile Floors

These are just a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when you opt for heated tile floors:

  • It eliminates that ice-cold feeling you get when you step onto tile, marble or stone floors in the cold winter months. 
  • Heated marble floors are not just a comfortable addition to your home — they also work as a primary heat source, adding supplemental heat to the space and making the entire room warmer. 
  • Heated tile floors increase the value of your property. Should you decide to list your home on the market, you will find that many buyers are interested in this luxurious upgrade. 
  • Heated stone floors are more affordable than you might think. It does not cost much to purchase and install electric radiant floor heating, and there is little-to-no maintenance required in the future, making this a cost-effective home improvement project.

Why You Should Choose Green Wave Distribution

Green Wave Distribution offers the best, most reliable electric radiant floor heating products for tile, stone and marble floors. Our radiant heat solutions use innovative technology that allows you to safely and effectively heat any room in your home from the ground up. We pride ourselves on the fact that our electric radiant floor heating products are the best on the market, and that they allow homeowners to enjoy clean, reliable and even heat distribution throughout their homes.

Heated stone floors will add a touch of comfort and elegance to your home, no matter which room you are currently renovating. For more information about electric radiant floor heating and to find out how this sustainable and clean heating solution can improve your home, contact Green Wave Distribution today.

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