Homeland Solar Project

The Homeland Solar Project involves installing an all-electric, low-voltage radiant heating system beneath the floors of a 14-foot by 35-foot, single-story guest house.

Homeowners Katherine Becker and Steve Wells chose this system to avoid the more common gas heating and aim for a quieter and more energy-efficient solution.

Solar Power Integration and Environmental Impact

- Solar Array: A 7.2-kilowatt solar array installed by Homeland Solar powers the heating system, promoting substantial energy independence.

- Environmental Goals: Aligns with local initiatives in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County towards building electrification and renewable energy use, supporting community-wide carbon neutrality efforts.

Energy Efficiency

- Electricity Consumption: The system's design, combined with the solar installation, allows it to run efficiently, primarily during off-peak hours, which reduces overall energy use.

- Operational Efficiency: Requires less than 3,500 watts due to the guest house’s insulation and energy-efficient build.

Cost & Financing

- Installation Cost: Approximately $7,000 for the complete installation of the STEP HEAT system.

- Ongoing Savings: The system's integration with solar panels significantly reduces electricity usage, enhancing long-term savings.

Heating System

System Installation and Maintenance


The Homeland Solar Project is a prime example of how modern heating technologies can be seamlessly integrated with renewable energy sources to provide efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly heating solutions. The project not only meets the homeowners’ specific needs but also contributes to broader sustainability goals, demonstrating the practical benefits of electric radiant heating systems in residential applications.