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Heated Marble Floors

Reach out for efficient, cost-saving, and luxury marble floor heating.

Why Choose GWD for Your Heated Marble Floor?

 Experts in Our Field

With decades of hands-on experience, we've honed our craft to become leaders in the heated floor industry. Trust in our expertise to deliver solutions that truly stand the test of time.

Best Products

For our heated floors, we carefully select and offer only the best products. With GWD you're investing in durability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

Highly Competitive Prices

We're committed to providing top-tier heated floor solutions at prices that are competitive and fair. No compromises, just the best value for our valued clients.

We Only Partner with the Best Installation Engineers

Our team of highly skilled installers ensures that your heated floor system is set up seamlessly, with precision and care. Experience excellence from the ground up with our expert installation crew.

Different Types of Radiant Underfloor Heating

Delving into the world of radiant underfloor heating, there are two primary contenders: electric and hydronic systems. Both come with their unique set of benefits and challenges, ranging from installation complexities to maintenance needs.

Electric Radiant Underfloor Heating

Electric Radiant Underfloor Heating

Electric Radiant Underfloor Heating systems utilize electric resistance cables or mats to produce heat.The electric cables or mats are spread out and fixed across the floor, and once activated, they directly heat the floor surface above. Electric systems are inherently more reliable than hydronic systems as they have no mechanical or moving parts that could break down. The installation process is also much quicker and simpler, and there is no required maintenance. 

Hydronic Radiant Underfloor Heating

Hydronic Radiant Underfloor Heating

Hydronic systems use a series of tubes laid beneath the floor into which warm water from a boiler circulates, producing radiant heat. They are typically more complex and expensive to install compared to electric systems and have a much higher likelihood of breaking down and need of repair. Hydronic systems also require regular maintenance unlike their electric counterparts.

Heated Marble Floor Costs Breakdown

Heated marble floors add a touch of luxury to any space. Whether for a new build or a retrofit, understanding the associated costs, from tile selection to installation, is crucial.

New Build

Marble Tiles$5-10/ft²
Marble Slabs$10-20/ft²
System Cost$14/ft²
Installation Cost$8-20/ft²
Subflooring Replacement Costs$3-10/ft²
Underlayment Costs$0.50-4.50/ft²
Low End Estimate$30.50/ft²
Upper End Estimate$78.50/ft²


Same as New Build


Removal of Old Flooring =  $1.50-3.50/ft²


Same as New Build*

* Retrofitting entails placing the heating component between the floor joists from underneath the room. This method doesn’t necessitate changing the completed floor; however, it does demand access from an open ceiling below the room. If there’s an existing finished ceiling, like drywall or plaster, it will have to be taken down to access the joists.

Heated Marble Floor - Installation Process

For those considering the luxury of a heated marble floor, understanding the installation process is as crucial as knowing the costs. From preparing the subfloor to the final checks post-installation, each step ensures a seamless finish and optimal performance.

Prepare the Subfloor

Ensure it’s clean, dry, and level.

Measure & Plan

Decide on the layout and spacing.

Lay Insulation

Prevent heat loss and direct warmth upwards.

Position & Secure the Mats

Follow the planned layout.

Connect Cables & Test

Ensure a safe electrical connection.

Install Marble Flooring

Adhering to manufacturer’s guidelines.

Final Checks

Re-test the system post-installation.

Is it Possible to Add Underfloor Heating to Marble Floors?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible. Whether you’re renovating an existing space or constructing a new one, underfloor heating is an excellent addition to marble floors, enhancing both their comfort and luxury appeal.

Benefits of Heated Marble Floors

Potential Downsides of Heated Marble Floors

Hear it From Our Customers

Rafael Ubida Moreira Filho
Rafael Ubida Moreira Filho
Sorted our yoga studio heating with some radiant heaters from Green wave. They are an excellent company, who seem to have the client/customer at the centre of what they do!
Wendell Leandro Fonseca Trindade
Wendell Leandro Fonseca Trindade
They helped our designer with the CAD designs for our underfloor heating and spent time with out contracted heating engineer explaining how to install everything. Since the new build the whole heating system seems to be working perfectly and is very energy efficent! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get underfloor heating.
Elon Burris
Elon Burris
"I recently had the pleasure of installing GWD's Radiant Heating system under my tile floor in the bathroom, and I must say that it has been an absolute game-changer. Not only has it made the floor warm and cozy to the touch, but it has also made the entire bathroom feel more comfortable during colder months. One of the things I appreciated most about GWD's system was how easy it was to install. The instructions were straightforward, and the whole process took only a few hours. Since the installation, the system has been running smoothly and efficiently without any issues. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the Radiant Heating system, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable and efficient heating solution for their floors. "
Leo Marie
Leo Marie
Our radiant heat mats from green wave distribution have massively brought down the cost to heat our home and have worked perfectly since being installed!
Clover Peta
Clover Peta
They spent time with our hired heating engineer explaining how to install everything and assisted our designer with the CAD plans for our underfloor heating. The entire heating system seems to be operating flawlessly and efficiently ever since the new construction! I would strongly recommend underfloor heating to anyone.
ALEX Jhone
ALEX Jhone
Managed to get our heated driveway sorted using GWD's. They did a fantastic job expliaining how it all works and working alongside our contruction contractors to get the mats installed. Would 100% recommend!
Susan Black
Susan Black
Really great company! Having a company like Green wave distribution to help us make the right decisions and install the radiant floor heating correctly was a god send. They had everything we needed and did a fantastic job :)
Gerald MOORE
Gerald MOORE
Ordered some snow melt mats from Green wave distribution. They are doing a great job! Big shoutout to Drew who helped with advising the type and explained all the technicalities!
Samantha Dean
Samantha Dean
The heat mats were easy to install and the team at Green wave distribution were on hand to help out with any issues or questions we had. If you are looking for underfloor heating, I would highly recommend giving these guys a call!
Scott Reed
Scott Reed
Green wave helped our designer with the CAD designs for our underfloor heating and spent time with out contracted heating engineer explaining how to install everything. great service,highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, at least not until the temperature consistently exceeds 329 degrees Fahrenheit – so no issues with that when it comes to installing radiant heat mats under marble.

Yes, heated marble floors can be an attractive feature for potential buyers. They combine the luxury of marble with the comfort of radiant heating, making spaces more appealing, especially in colder climates.

Radiant heating is generally more efficient than traditional heating methods due to direct heat transfer. Paired with marble’s natural conductivity, due to its high thermal mass, it ensures effective warmth distribution, potentially leading to energy savings in the long run.

The only other additional cost you are likely to encounter when installing radiant heated floor systems is for floor insulation. This can be required for retrofits, remodels or new build projects but only in certain scenarios, such as rooms that are located above an unheated room or rooms that are on concrete slabs.