STEP WARMFLOOR Price Estimator

Radiant Heat Floor Price Calculator | Floor Radiant Heating Price Estimator 

Green Wave Distribution, each heating system is custom designed to meet the unique property, application, and lifestyle of our clients., each heating system is custom designed to meet the unique property, application, and lifestyle of our clients. 

No two projects are the same. Even in the case of identical structures, occupants will utilize the space in different ways, and each will a have personal meaning of what comfort is to them. When we design a heating system, every aspect of the space and our client(s) is taken into consideration. The geographical location of the space. The regional climate. How the space is insulated. The location of furniture and fixtures. How the client will utilize the space. How often the client will utilize the space. The sustainability goals of the client. And ultimately, what comfort means to the client.

The end result is an experience of warmth, comfort, and sustainability that simply cannot be achieved with prepackaged radiant heat systems. We understand that pricing is an important aspect of project planning which is why we developed the STEP Warmfloor Price Estimator. This tool makes several key assumptions (as noted below) but can be used to determine general square foot pricing for a STEP Warmfloor radiant heat system. Ultimately, your STEP Warmfloor system will be customized to your project specifications. The Green Wave Distribution team is always available to answer project specific questions or provide additional information.

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$ 1,030

  1. Based on 4.5-5 W/ Ft² – approximate spacing 2-4” between strips
  2. Pricing is based on the entire room dimensions, not the available floor space
  3. Inquire/ Call to request pricing for spaces with higher heat loss characteristics (i.e. sunroom, cathedral ceilings)
  4. Proper insulation is required to direct heat upwards and maximizes efficiency performance.
STEP Warmfloor Price Estimator is for estimating purposes only. Pricing does not include installation, freight, and any applicable sales tax.