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Roof Deicing For Slate Shingle Roofs

Roof Deicing / Slate Shingle Roofs

While the most common shingle material is asphalt, there is a case to be made for slate shingle roofs. In fact, in other parts of the world, slate is considered the best option for building a roof. Slate is an excellent material for roof shingles because:

  • It is made of natural stone.
  • It offers natural fire protection.
  • It repels insects.
  • It is ready to be used as soon as it is harvested from the quarry.
  • It is a sustainable building material.

Given the fact that slate offers so many benefits, it’s not surprising that many homeowners are looking into this all-natural building material. In addition, there are considering enhancing their slate roof with a heated slate shingle roof system.

What is a Heated Slate Shingle Roof System?

A heated slate shingle roof system is a specialized radiant heat solution in which electric mats or cables are installed on the slate shingles in order to instantly melt any ongoing precipitation. These systems are designed to be both affordable and sustainable, as they only distribute heat when the temperatures drop and precipitation begins to fall. In addition, they improve the safety of the structure, as the heated slate shingle roof system prevents the build-up of ice and snow that commonly occurs on slate roofs. Heated slate shingle roof systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of the property owner, and are available with a variety of optional accessories that can improve the functionality and efficiency of the system.

Why is Roof and Gutter Deicing Important?

While slate may be a strong, natural stone, it is still prone to wear and tear as a result of the harsh winter weather that occurs year after year. In addition, this stone gets notoriously slick, and it is easy for ice to accumulate on the roof. Roof and gutter deicing on a slate roof is important because:


  • Ice damming can be difficult to address once it has occurred. Ice build-up will not melt until the temperatures are consistently warm and all of the ice is able to melt.
  • Ice damming and packed snow accumulation can damage the integrity of the slate roof shingles, and ultimately, lead to water damage over time.
  • Icicle accumulation can be dangerous for anyone who is around the perimeter of the building, as these icicles can fall unexpectedly and seriously injure someone below the gutters.

Measuring Your Slate Roof for a Heated Cable System

Before you purchase your radiant heat products for your heated slate shingle roof system, you will want to measure the area of your roof. In order to accurately measure the roof and purchase the right amount of products, you will need to:

  • Measure both the areas of the roof as well as the gutter.
  • Measure the width of the overhang area of your roof.
  • Measure the length of the downspout.
  • Measure the length of the valley of your roof.

Accurate measurements are incredibly important, as you will need to purchase enough heat cable or mats for your roof deicing system. It will only work effectively if you are able to install it over the entire area of the roof.

Choosing the Best Heated Slate Shingle Roof Products

The best radiant heat products for your asphalt shingle roof include:

  • Self-regulating deicing system — Self-regulating heat mats are the most popular choice for heated slate shingle roof systems. This is because these innovative mats automatically heat to their designated temperature when the outside temperature begins to drop, and they automatically adjust their wattage as the temperatures warm again.
  • Constant Wattage Cables — Constant wattage cables are usually easier to install, but they are not the most preferable option for heated slate shingle roof systems. Constant wattage cables consistently heat to the same designated temperature, regardless of the outdoor temperature. While they cost less initially, they are less sustainable and use more energy in the long-term.

Finding the Best Distributor of Radiant Heat Solutions

You will have the best results when you partner with the premier distributor of radiant heat solutions. At Green Wave Distribution, we are known throughout the industry as the leading provider of both indoor and outdoor radiant heat products. Our line of roof deicing systems allows anyone — regardless of their roof shingle material — to invest in a heated roof that will improve the safety and longevity of their property.

Tips for Installing Your Heated Slate Shingle Roof System

You can either install your heated slate shingle roof system yourself, or partner with a contractor who will complete the installation for you. While this is a relatively quick and easy installation job, it is best reserved for those who have experience working with radiant heating products.

Optional Accessories for Your Heated Slate Roof

Some optional accessories that may be available for your heated slate roof include:

  • Premium Control Features — A premium control panel can be programmed to automatically adjust the system, increasing both the convenience and versatility of your heated slate roof.
  • Aerial Snow Sensor and Mounted Gutter Sensor — These innovative features can detect when snow is about to arrive and prepare your heated slate roof system accordingly.

Your slate roof is a naturally sustainable choice, but you can increase your environmental efforts by investing in an efficient heated slate roof system. With a self-regulating system in place, you will only use the heat energy when you absolutely need it, preventing you from wasting energy while potentially lowering your utility costs when compared to a heated cable system.

For more information about why it’s important to have a heated slate shingle roof system in place, contact Green Wave Distribution today.

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