Snow Melting - Outdoor Stairs

Snow Melting / Outdoor Stairs

The outdoor steps that lead into your home provide a grand and elegant entrance to your residence, but they can quickly become a safety hazard during the winter months. Rain, snow, and ice can make your outdoor stairs very slippery, leaving you, your family, and your guests vulnerable to a slip-and-fall accident. One of the best ways to improve the safety of your outdoor steps is to purchase and install a de-icing system for outdoor stairs.

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What You Need to Know About Snow Melting Systems

Snow melting systems are a form of radiant heat technology. These innovative and sustainable systems are installed underneath the concrete to apply heat directly to the area and instantly melt any snow or ice as it accumulates. This prevents that layer of snow or ice from forming and ultimately keeps your steps from becoming too slippery to walk on. Not to mention, it eliminates the need to get out and shovel those steps or treat your beautiful concrete with harsh salt. Snow melting systems make your outdoor stairs as safe as possible during the winter months.

The Benefits of Deicing Systems for Outdoor Stairs

When you purchase a deicing system from Green Wave Distribution, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Snow and ice will quickly melt away, allowing you, your family, and your guests to safely use the steps regardless of the weather conditions. Safety is often the primary reason homeowners invest in deicing systems for outdoor steps.
  • Since snow and ice will not be able to accumulate on your steps, you will not have to worry about maintaining them on those cold winter days when the snow is softly falling to the ground. You can forget about chipping away at ice, shoveling mounds of snow, or even spreading that damaging salt on your concrete.
  • Your stairs and walkways will always look picture-perfect, regardless of the season or the weather. Heated concrete stairs will increase your home’s curb appeal, as they will be visible to visitors and guests at any time of the year, regardless of the weather conditions. 

Top Considerations for Outdoor Stair Deicing Systems

As you look into the options for deicing systems available to you, it’s essential to keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Your stairs should be approximately 12-inches deep to accommodate the number of radiant heat products needed to melt snow and ice effectively.
  • Handrails on steps will impact the sizing and spacing, so be sure that you share your blueprint plans with your distributor and installer so that you can make the best decision for your deicing system.
  • For below ground snow melting systems, heat cables and elements of the deicing system need to be embedded at least three inches below the surface level to work effectively for many years to come.

We recommend reaching out to Green Wave Distribution as you are planning your concrete renovation project. By sharing the details of your project with us and discussing your goals for your de-icing system with one of our representatives, we can provide you with the most reliable recommendations for your radiant heat snow melting system.

ClearZone - Line Voltage Snow Melting System

STEP HEAT - Low Voltage Snow Melting System

Tips for Installing a Snow Melting System on Outdoor Stairs

After you have purchased your snow melting system for outdoor stairs from Green Wave Distribution, you will be ready to install your new radiant heat system. This is a project that you can do on your own or hire an installer to get the job done. Some tips for installing de-icing systems on outdoor stairs include:

  • Plan out the installation process in advance. This will provide you with a step-by-step guide and give you direction along the way.
  • Ensure that you are experienced enough to take on the job, or hire an installer who has previously installed radiant heat systems on outdoor stairs.
  • Remember that the material you are using to finish your outdoor stairs may impact the installation of the deicing system. Customize your installation plans to meet the needs of your surfacing material. 

Choosing Materials for Your Heated Outdoor Stairs

Deicing systems work well with the most common materials for outdoor stairs, including:

  • Concrete — Concrete is the most popular material for outdoor stairs, as it is not only affordable but also customizable. Whether you choose standard concrete, colored concrete, or stamped concrete for your stairs, you can also install a deicing system.
  • Bricks — Snow melting systems also can be installed underneath brick paver stairs. Bricks are a more luxurious option for stairs, and they can be challenging to maintain in the winter months, which is why a deicing system is preferable if you are using this material.
  • Stone Pavers — Like bricks, stone pavers can be difficult to maintain in the winter months. A deicing system will instantly melt snow and ice off of stone pavers, keeping them safe and beautiful for years to come.

Controlling Your Heated Outdoor Stairs

Several control options are available that will allow you to maximize your use of your heated outdoor stair system. Manual controls give you the most autonomy over when your deicing system works, while automatic controls allow for the most convenient experience.

How Your Deicing System Will Work

There are several types of snow melting systems available. Some snow melting systems have temperature and precipitation sensor that active the system when weather conditions call for it. Other systems are simply turned on at the start of the winter season and off at the end.

In either case, these systems will melt falling precipitation to prevent snow accumulation and continue to run after the snowfall to evaporate the water and prevent ice buildup.

How Your Deicing System Will Work

At Green Wave Distribution, we specialize in radiant heat products for outdoor areas, including outdoor stairs. We believe that our state-of-the-art products will provide you with a luxurious feature to enjoy at your home, but they will also make your house a safer place to live. Contact Green Wave Distribution today for more information about deicing systems for outdoor stairs.

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