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Snow Melting For Parking Lots

Snow Melting / Parking Lots

Snow Melting Systems for Parking Lots

In both residential homes and commercial properties, the parking lots, walkways, and entrance ramps are used by people of all ages and abilities. These spaces provide entrance into the home or business, and therefore, they must always be safe and accessible. One of the best ways to improve the safety of your parking lot, driveway, walkways, or ramps is to have a snow melting system installed.

ClearZone - Line Voltage Snow Melting System

STEP HEAT - Low Voltage Snow Melting System

Snow Melting Systems for Parking Areas

Snow melting systems are designed with radiant heat technology, and they are installed underneath concrete, bricks, or stone pavers to heat the material and instantly melt any precipitation that falls. Snow melting systems for parking areas are ideal for residential homes, apartments, luxury communities, and commercial property owners. The radiant heat technology used to create snow melting systems is affordable and sustainable and can instantly increase the safety of any outdoor space.

The Benefits of Heated Parking Lots

If you invest in a snow-melting system for your driveway, parking areas, walkways, or ramps, you will enjoy many benefits. These are just a few of the top reasons to consider purchasing radiant heat products from Green Wave Distribution:

  • A snow-melting system will make your property’s parking areas, walkways, and ramps as safe as possible. Any precipitation can create slick spots that leave people vulnerable to tripping, falling, and experiencing a severe injury. However, snow and ice are hazardous, and anyone who injures themselves on your property may seek compensation. With a snow melting system in place, you improve the safety of your home, minimize your liability and make it possible for anyone to access your home or business at any time, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • A deicing system will also reduce the amount of maintenance required on your property. If you live or own a commercial property in an area that experiences snowfall throughout the winter, you know that snow looks pretty — but it also means that a lot of work is in store for you. With a deicing system, snow and ice cannot accumulate on your driveway, parking areas, or critical ramps. Instead of spending hours shoveling snow or chipping away at chunks of ice, you can rest easy and enjoy the peaceful nature of the snowfall.
  • A radiant heat system for your outdoor driveways, parking areas, or ramps will increase the curb appeal of your property. With no snow or ice accumulating on your driveway or walkways, your home or business will always look picture-perfect.

The Best Radiant Heat Solutions for Parking Lots

Depending on the size of your parking area and your total budget for the project, there are several radiant heat products available for you to choose from. The best radiant heat solutions for parking areas and ramps include:

  • Heating Cables — Heating cables are the most common radiant heat product for parking areas, walkways, and ramps. This is because heating cables can be installed over a large surface area, but they also are easily customized to meet the needs of your project.
  • Heating Mats — Heating mats are an affordable product that is very easy to install. Most people select heating mats for their deicing system if they are looking to create a sizable heated driveway or parking area. Heating mats are easily rolled out, but they are not as customizable as heating cables.

Installing Snow Melting Systems in Parking Lots

In most cases, deicing systems are installed during a renovation project or when a new property is built. However, we also carry above ground snow melting mats that can easily laid on top of the existing surface. The team at Green Wave Distribution can provide you with more information about the best solution for installing your snow melting system. Select from one of our snow melting systems below to learn more:  


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