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Snow Melting For Ramps

Have Peace Of Mind With Our Ramp Ice Melting Mats

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Melt Mat Deicing Systems for Accessibility Ramps

Say goodbye to the hassles of snow and ice on accessibility ramps with our innovative Melt Mat Snow and Ice Melting System. 

Our deicing systems rely on radiant heat technology in order to instantly melt snow and ice that accumulates on your accessibility ramps. While snow melting systems are commonly installed beneath concrete walkways, driveways or patios, these above ground mats can be placed directly on top in no time at all. 

Peace Of Mind

Gain peace of mind knowing that the grip technology and snow melting capabilites of our mats will keep your ramps safe.

Efficient Heat

These above ground heat mats can melt up to two inches of snow every hour.

Easy to connect and use

Simply plug them in to your nearest energy source and they will connect up to each other.

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Anti slip & water tight tech

  • Our Melt mats have an anti-slip grip technology, making the surface extra grippy. Whilst also having coated black grommets to hold the mat firm on the stairs.
  • The cords and mat also being watertight.

"2 Of Snow Melted Every Hour!

  • Our heat mats will melt 2″ of snow every hour, meaning safety will no longer need to be a worry of yours.
Snow melt mats for stairs
connecting stair mats together

Ease Of Use - Connect Mats Together

  • You can connect multiple heat mats to one power unit whilst also being able to connect a range of different sizes if necessary.  
  • Up to 14 amps can be connected to a single power source.

Ease Of Use - Connect Mats Together

  • You can connect multiple heat mats to one power unit whilst also being able to connect a range of different sizes if necessary.  
  • Up to 14 amps can be connected to a single power source.
connecting stair mats together

How To Heat Accessibility Ramps 

Step 1: Planning and Layout

Assess your accessibility ramp and determine the areas where you want to install the snow melting mats. Measure these areas to ensure you have the correct length and quantity of mats needed.

Step 2: Clear the Surface

Remove any existing snow, ice, or debris from the ramp using a shovel or broom. It’s important to have a clean and dry surface for proper installation.

Step 3: Positioning the Mats

Lay out the snow melting mats according to your planned layout. Ensure that the mats cover the desired areas where snow and ice tend to accumulate the most. Align the mats evenly, leaving no gaps between them.

Step 4: Electrical Connection

Locate the nearest outdoor power outlet and ensure it is in good working condition. Connect the power cord of the snow melting mats to the outlet. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper electrical connection.

Step 5: Securing the Mats

Secure the mats in place using cable ties or clips. Make sure they are firmly attached to the ramp’s surface, ensuring they won’t shift or move during operation.

Step 6: Testing

Before the first snowfall, it’s important to test the system. Turn on the power to the mats and ensure that they are functioning properly. Allow the mats to heat up for a short period and verify that they are melting snow and ice effectively.

Step 7: Operation

Once installed and tested, the system is ready for regular operation. Keep the mats powered on during snowy or icy conditions to continuously melt the snow and prevent accumulation. The mats are designed to melt up to 2 inches of snow and ice per hour, making the ramp safe and accessible.

Step 8: Maintenance

Regularly inspect the snow melting mats for any signs of damage or wear. Remove any debris or obstructions that may hinder their performance. Additionally, ensure the power outlet remains in good working condition and that the electrical connections are secure.


Investing in our Melt Mat Snow and Ice Melting System not only provides you with a safe solution to using your ramps in the winter, but it also helps preserve the life of your ramp. The system minimizes freeze and thaw cycles, reducing the risks of cracks, damage, and the need for costly repairs.


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