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Green Wave Distribution is your STEP HEAT radiant heating partner from project conception to completion, and well after to assure peak system performance. Take advantage of our broad range of sales, design and support services to not only simplify the process of researching, acquiring, overseeing, and installing an engineered system for your home or business; but also to ensure a pleasurable, hassle-free experience. We are here to support you every “step” of the way!

Green Wave Distribution List of Services

  • Applications Consultation

    Our team of experienced sales and design professionals are dedicated to developing solutions that exceed client expectations by employing a collaborative, consultative, educational, and coordinated approach to product selection and system design.

    Whether a homeowner, architect, engineer, builder, contractor, installer, or project team of multiple disciplines, we listen, gather, and evaluate all pertinent specifications, conditions, and design requirements necessary to develop the optimal product and system designs unique to your application.

  • Education and System Installation Training


    Our technology is different, and our heat system designs are non-traditional. Whether by phone, online video meeting, or use of our GWD Learning Center, we are committed to offering education and training programs in support of an enhanced experience for your project.

    We also offer virtual and on-site educational “lunch and learn" sessions for any interested parties by simply contacting our sales team.

    STEP HEAT offers a free, and highly visited, one hour continuing education course online via AEC Daily by simply clicking on the link below and following the registration instructions. The course is available to all and qualifies for State, American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Health Safety and Welfare (HSW) training:

    AEC Daily - STEP HEAT Credit Course

    Installation Training

    STEP HEAT radiant heat system designs are optimized for easy and trouble-free installation as supported by detailed system design documentation. Installation instruction manuals are included with every project.

    We also recognize there is a learning curve associated with any new system being installed for the first time. Installers can always contact us by phone, schedule a video call, or use our available [add link] website learning tools to answer any and all questions.

    For an enhanced experience, we also offer on-site installation training sessions that are “hands on” to ensure the installation process runs smoothly, efficiently, and correctly as designed.

  • Heat Loss Analysis

    Whenever a primary heating application is of interest, the Green Wave Distribution Team undergoes a complimentary heat loss and consumption analysis using actual spatial design criteria and construction material specifications provided by you, or as listed on available building plans.

    This comprehensive analysis is used not only as the basis for your system design parameters, but also to calculate expected seasonal consumption rates and comparisons to other types of heating systems as well.

    Once completed, any of the space design input variables can be easily modified to demonstrate the potential impact to system design and performance. This can be a very beneficial tool when evaluating other building material selection for optimizing your comfort and wellness goals.

  • Project Management and Support Coordination

    As a project manager, your larger scale projects often involve multi-faceted teams of various disciplines where timely and coordinated group communications are essential to ensure a successful construction process that is on time and on budget.

    Green Wave’s project management services are designed specifically to ease the information flow and tracking challenges for project teams and construction managers and include the following:

    • Project Team Coordination
    • Drawing Revision and Submittal Approval Tracking
    • Materials Flow Scheduling/Progress Payments
    • Installation Training and Support
    • System Commissioning and Warranty Registration
  • System Commissioning, Testing and Warranty Registration

    Proper installation of STEP HEAT radiant heat systems provides you with years of trouble-free operation while enjoying the ultimate in comfort and wellness. Our comprehensive final design packages include all the details required to ensure trouble-free installation.

    Every STEP HEAT system is required to undergo electrical testing before the system is covered to be certain it is properly wired to its design specifications. This same testing procedure is repeated when the final surface installation is complete. The testing results are submitted on a warranty registration form, reviewed by Green Wave for validation, and stored for future reference.

    Whenever assistance is required, the Green Wave Distribution Team is a phone call away for consultation. We also offer on-site technical assistance by simply contacting our sales department.

  • System Design Capabilities

    Each STEP HEAT radiant heating system is uniquely designed to your spatial designs, location, construction methods, and heating application requirements.

    Green Wave Distribution utilizes a variety of software tools such as Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Heat Loss/Consumption Analysis, automated Bills of Materials, and comprehensive installation Wiring Diagrams. This allows the Green Wave Team to be highly responsive to your turnaround times by quickly providing fully designed proposals, bid packages and installation documentation.

    Final Design Packages include the following:

    • Detailed Bill of Materials
    • Heat Loss Analysis (as applicable)
    • Zone Outline Drawings with electrical Specifications
    • Detailed Heating Element Layout Drawings
    • Power Supply Wiring Worksheets
    • Heating Element Wire Diagrams
    • Component Data Sheets
    • Installation and Operating Manuals
  • Warranty Registration Form

    We also have developed a quick quote system price calculator that is ideal when an on-the-spot estimate is needed for budgeting purposes before requesting a more detailed proposal.

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