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Why Are Heated Granite Countertops Perfect For Your Kitchen?

Key Takeaways

  • Heated granite countertops provide warmth, comfort, and better cooking conditions for a very low cost over the course of their lifespan
  • Your granite countertops are under no risk of damage from heat whatsoever if you install countertop heaters
  • Countertop heaters can be used with any stone material and customized to fit any size, shape, and location

Can you heat a granite countertop?

Yes, granite is one of the many stone materials that respond well to being heated (along with marble, quartz, and slate, to name just some of the most commonly used stone countertop materials suitable for countertop heating).

Does granite crack when heated?

No – granite does not crack when heated. Granite is an igneous rock formed from volcanic activity. It can easily withstand temperatures well over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, so there is no need to be concerned about about the potential for damage by installing countertop heating to your granite surfaces.

How long does a heated countertop last before it needs replacing?

This is a good question. 

Our Countertop Heating Mats come with a three-year manufacturer warranty, while the transformer and thermal controller include a 2-Year manufacturer warranty.

However, in our entire history, we have never seen a heating mat fail, not a single one. 

These mats are based on the same technology as our underfloor heating systems, which come with a projected lifespan of anywhere from 30-50 years.

Heating Granite Countertops - The Benefits

benefits of heating granite countertops

Now, to many people, the idea of having warm granite countertops may seem like an unnecessary extravagance… at best. 

I mean, what actual benefit can any average person get from having heated kitchen countertops?

To those with whom this notion is resonating, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a few.

Baking and Bread Making

How many of you are bakers or became home bakers during the pandemic lockdowns?

Because having heated countertops makes working and kneading the dough a much easier process. 

Whether it’s a homemade granary loaf, banana bread, or creating your own naans for a lamb Madras curry, having a heated granite work surface will make a positive difference to both the process and the outcome.

Keeping Hot Drinks Warmer for Longer

There’s nothing like a good ol’ cup of Joe – until it’s no longer hot. Then it’s gross!

(Seriously, though – isn’t it kind of weird how hot coffee and tea are awesome, likewise for iced tea and coffee, but anything in the middle makes you want to spit?)

Well, if you have heated kitchen countertops that use radiant heating technology, then you can say goodbye to that horrible mouthful of lukewarm liquid forever. 

Radiant heat mats used for kitchen countertops actually heat both the countertop and any objects on top of them directly, and because they typically heat these surfaces to roughly 20 degrees above room temperature, your hot beverage of choice is going to stay much warmer for much longer.

Comfortable Bar Flys

Countertop heaters aren’t restricted to being used only in kitchen islands and side counters.

In fact, they can be installed on vanities, dining overhangs, and in your home bar. 

There’s nothing worse than nursing a bourbon or a glass of wine while you’re leaning on a cold bar counter, particularly in the winter months. With countertop heaters, you can enjoy your home bar in comfort all year round.

Low-Cost Heating/Improved Energy Efficiency

Let’s say that we have converted a few skeptics as to the practical value and benefits of having heated granite countertops. 

The next question that usually follows is “Okay, so they might be useful, but aren’t they expensive? Don’t they use a lot of electricity?

Happily, the answer is a resounding no!

low-cost heating

These stick-on radiant heat mats operate at only 12-24 volts which means on average, the cost to operate a 5-square-foot heating mat 24/7 is as little as $0.15/day.

Ease of Installation

Another misconception about heated granite countertops is that they are difficult and expensive to install when this really couldn’t be further from the truth.

ease of installation

The first point to note is that these countertop heaters can be customized to fit any shape, size, or location. 

Once the size and shape have been determined, you just have to peel and stick – that’s all there is to it – you don’t even need an epoxy if you are applying to smooth granite. 

Then you simply plug the heater into any standard 120V outlet, and that’s it – you now have a heated granite countertop.


Granite countertops have long been admired for their natural beauty, durability, and ability to enhance the overall aesthetic of a kitchen. 

Now, with the introduction of heated granite countertops, homeowners can enjoy an additional layer of comfort and convenience in their culinary haven. 

With their ability to provide consistent warmth and an elegant aesthetic, countertop heaters enhance the overall ambience of your culinary space while also improving the energy efficiency of your home.

They improve so much, from baking bread to making warm drinks stay hotter for longer, and they do all this in a cost-effective way that will more than likely deliver a return on investment over the course of their usable lifespan. And that’s before we’ve even begun to touch on the environmental benefits this type of heating system offers. 

If you are interested in having heated granite countertops in your home, check out our full range today!