White Radiant Space Panel Heater - 2600 Watts


From restaurants, bars, shops, and similar indoor environments, Summit's slimline, tasteful design makes it an excellent choice for discreet, stylish heating. The SUMMIT White is the energy-efficient heating solution for areas that require comfort heating without the glow of infrared light. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sheltered applications, the SUMMIT White is as stylish as it is powerful. It is the perfect choice for in indoor and outdoor environments where airflow is low or manageable.
SUMMIT White is manufactured with industry leading heating elements and a features a GE IR enhancement coating. The SUMMIT is a gentle, zero-light heating solution that is ideal for covered, sheltered outdoor use. If used outdoors, the Herschel SUMMIT should always be covered and fully protected against any risk of water intrusion or exposure to rainfall. The heater can either be wall-mounted or hung directly from the ceiling, maximizing the heated area directly underneath it.
The spread of the heater's far-infrared radiation may be reduced by 33-50% in areas with moving air or wind.  It is recommended in such cases to increase the number of heaters proportionately. For colder, windier situations SUMMIT will be less effective, we recommend choosing the Herschel Manhattan 3kW.
The Summit 2600RW comes with a remote-control that offers two power levels (100% and 50%), as well as a 24-hour timer for precision and control. The SUMMIT White 2600 (non-remote model) can also be controlled with external devices such as the Herschel MD2 thermostat (sold separately).
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Key Features:

  • Zero light infrared heater
  • 2.6kW Herschel Kanthal elements
  • Rated for 240V
  • Indoor or covered, sheltered outdoor use
  • With or without remote control
  • 2 power settings & timer with remote
  • Wall or ceiling mount


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