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Snow Melting - Patio

Snow Melting / Patio

Your outdoor living space doesn't have to be a seasonal amenity that you can only enjoy during the warm weather months. With a snow melting system for your concrete patio in place, you can safely enjoy this space throughout the entire year — regardless of the current weather conditions.

What is a Snow Melting System?

A snow melting system is a radiant heat solution installed beneath concrete to melt any precipitation on the surface instantly. The radiant heat cables or mats will begin to apply heat directly to the concrete when the temperature drops, and by heating the surface, the precipitation immediately melts upon contact. This means that snow and ice cannot accumulate on your heated patio, making it an inviting and appealing space no matter what the weather is.

Why Should You Install a Snow Melting System Beneath Your Patio?

A snow melting system is a valuable investment in your property because:

  • A snow-melting system will make your patio a safer place for you, your family, and your guests. It prevents snow and ice from accumulating on the surface, virtually eliminating the risk of slipping and falling on wet concrete. In most cases, the radiant heat system will continue working for several hours after the precipitation stops falling, which allows the patio area to dry completely.
  • This innovative technology will make your patio a more enjoyable place to be. You will never have to worry about stepping into snow to enjoy time on your patio. Rather than considering your deck a seasonal destination, you can begin to use it all year round.
  • A snow melting system is often preferred by people with pets, as it gives their dogs a warm, dry and comfortable place to go outside no matter what the weather is out.
  • A snow melting system can extend the lifespan of your patio. With a radiant heat system in place, you will not need to shovel the deck or chip away at the ice. Not to mention, you won’t have to toss harsh ice-melting salt onto your patio, which is known to damage concrete over long periods.
  • This radiant heat solution eliminates a lot of home maintenance involved with a snowfall. You will not have to spend hours shoveling your patio after the snow stops falling. Instead, you can grab a warm cup of coffee and relax in this space as you soak up the beautiful, fresh blanket of snow.

When is the Best Time to Install a Snow Melting System?

Below ground snow melting systems must be installed prior to the installation of the finished surface. As a result, the best time to install a snow melting system is when you are replacing an existing concrete patio or building a new home that will have a concrete patio in the backyard. When you are replacing or building a new patio, the snow melting system can be installed correctly in the footprint of the future patio. Then, the concrete will be poured on top of it, ensuring that your radiant heat solution will work properly for many years to come. In places that experience cold winter weather and frequent snowfalls, concrete patios are typically installed anytime between the late spring and fall months. 

Above ground snow melting systems are also available. These types of snow melting systems are placed on top of the finished surface at the start of the winter season and are removed at the end. Selecting the right type of snow melting systems depends on your personal needs, preferences, and budget.

ClearZone - Line Voltage Snow Melting System

STEP HEAT - Low Voltage Snow Melting System

How to Install a Snow Melting System

There are two options when it comes to installing a snow-melting system. You can either install the radiant heat products yourself or hire a professional to complete the installation. There are benefits and points to consider with both options:

  • If you plan to install the radiant heat products yourself, you will save money on your installation costs. However, it is recommended that you only choose this option if you have some experience with radiant heat installation, as there is electrical work to consider when you are finalizing the installation. Above ground snow melting systems can be easily installed most homeowners. We recommend hiring a professional for below ground snow melting systems. 
  • If you plan to hire a professional, you will want to work with contractors with experience with radiant heat solutions and outdoor concrete heating. It is essential to have these products placed correctly and safely throughout the patio area for the technology to work correctly.

Generally speaking, the snow melting system installation process is swift and easy. Most people find that the installation only takes a couple of hours, and then they are ready for the concrete to be poured on their new patio.

Choosing the Right Radiant Heat Products for Your Concrete Patio

The key to getting the most out of your snow melting system is to purchase your radiant heat products from a qualified distributor. At Green Wave Distribution, we offer a variety of products designed specifically for heated concrete patios, including:

  • Heated Cables — Heated cables are a radiant heat product that is best for smaller patio spaces and uniquely-shaped patios, as they offer the most flexibility for customization. Heated cables will automatically begin heating your patio when the temperature drops, and they can continue to heat it for several hours after precipitation stops falling, ensuring that your patio/deck is always warm, dry, and free of snow or snow ice.
  • Heated mats — Heated mats are another radiant heat product that works well for concrete patios. These mats are best for large patios, as they can easily be rolled out and installed before the concrete is poured. However, it is not as easy to customize these mats, so they are often reserved for more extensive patios with standard shapes.

At Green Wave Distribution, we offer safe and sustainable radiant heat solutions for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Our customizable snow melting systems are ideal for concrete patios and can help you transform your property into a maintenance-free place to live.

Contact Green Wave Distribution today for more information about our radiant heat solutions.

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