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The most luxurious homes today often have a brick paver driveway or a stone paver patio. These elegant pavers add a touch of character and luxury to any property, but they can be very difficult to maintain during the winter months. This is why it's critical that you invest in a snow melting system for your brick and stone pavers.

What You Need to Know About Brick and Stone Paver Snow Melting Systems

With its intricate design and expertly-laid pavers, the last thing you want to do is damage your brick paver patio or stone paver driveway as you are shoveling snow in the winter months. Brick and stone paver patios, walkways and driveways are considered to be a valuable investment in your home, adding to its curb appeal and increasing its marketability should you place your home for sale.

If you are in the process of having a new brick paver driveway or stone paver patio installed, now is the best time to consider enhancing your outdoor living space with a radiant snow melting system. One of the most common misconceptions about radiant heat solutions is that they can only be installed in indoor spaces. On the contrary, there are specialized radiant heat products available that allow you to create snow-free and ice-free zones on your patio, porch, steps, driveway or walkway.

Radiant snow melting systems rely on heating cables or elements, which are installed underneath the brick and stone pavers. Given the fact that the radiant heat solution needs to be installed underneath the pavers, the best time to invest in a snow melting system is during a renovation project or when you are building a new home. That said, there are above ground snow melting mats available that can be placed on top of the brick or stone pavers.

The Benefits of Investing in a Snow Melting System for Brick and Stone Pavers

Snow melting systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who have brick and stone paver patios, walkways, driveways and steps. These are the top benefits of a radiant snow melting system: 

  • Snow melting systems will make your brick paver patio and stone paver driveway safer for everyone to use. Brick and stone pavers can become very slick when they are covered in snow, and if the snow packs down, it will turn into an icy surface over time. With a snow melting system in place, any snow will instantly melt away, keeping the brick and stone paver area dry and warm.
  • A radiant snow melting system will extend the lifespan of your brick or stone pavers. If you are spending the entire winter shoveling away at these surfaces, you may chip at some of the stones or dislodge them out of place. Clearing snow can wreak havoc on the design of your stone paver patio, whereas a snow melting system will help preserve the integrity of the pavers and prevent them from being moved out of place.
  • When you have a snow melting system for your brick and stone pavers in place, you no longer have to worry about shoveling the snow. Without this arduous task on your hands, you will be able to rest and relax as the snow gently falls to the ground.

Choosing the Right Snow Melting System for Your Home

When it comes to purchasing a radiant snow melting system for your brick and stone pavers, you have several options available to you. These include:

  • Heat cable and mats — This is the most common option for heating brick and stone pavers outdoors.

  • Heated traction mats — Heated traction mats are an alternative option for heating brick and stone pavers. They are very durable and a favorite choice among those who want to add radiant heat to steps and walkways.

ClearZone - Line Voltage Snow Melting System

STEP HEAT - Low Voltage Snow Melting System

Partner with the Top Distributor of Snow Melting Systems for Brick and Stone Pavers

At Green Wave Distribution, we are proud to be the leading provider of snow melting systems. We have specialized products that are designed specifically for brick and stone pavers, ensuring that you enjoy a system that is safe and effective, and that will allow you to maintain the integrity of your patio or driveway for years to come.

For more information about the benefits of a snow melting system on your brick paver patio or your stone paver driveway, contact Green Wave Distribution today.

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