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Wireless Dual Outlet & Remote Control


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Wireless Dual Outlet & Remote Control$49.99


Take snow removal to the next level with the Melt Mat Wireless Dual Outlet & Control. The Melt Mat Wireless Outlet & Control makes snow removal convenient, allowing you to remotely turn your mats on and off from up to 75′ away.
  • Remotely turn mats on and off for effortless snow removal.
  • Designed to withstand outdoor conditions throughout the year.
  • Control your melt mats from a distance, enhancing convenience.
  • Dual outlets allow you to connect multiple mats or devices simultaneously.
  • No complicated setup, simply plug and play.
  • Works with any standard 120V power source.
  • Enjoy the added security of a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Designed for all-season outdoor use.
  • Control melt mats from up to 75 feet away.
  • Includes two outlets for versatile snow removal.
  • Compatible with standard 120V power supply.
  • Provides a high-capacity power control solution.
  • Manufacturer’s assurance for peace of mind.
Enhance your snow removal with the Snow Melting Mats, Wireless Dual Outlet & Control. This outdoor-rated device offers convenience with a 75′ range for effortless control. The dual outlets provide flexibility for multiple mat connections. Easy installation and compatibility with standard 120V power ensure seamless integration. Enjoy peace of mind with the 2-year warranty. Simplify your snow removal process with this reliable and convenient solution.

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Wireless Dual Outlet & Remote Control


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Wireless Dual Outlet & Remote Control

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