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8 of The Best Electric Heating Systems for Your Home


Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Radiant Floor Heating – The best electrical heating system for whole home heating. 
  2. Electric Infrared Zone Heaters – The most affordable option for electric home heating.
  3. Electric Radiant Heat Panel – Best for home design versatility. Mirrored/bespoke design, wall or ceiling, the options are endless.

1. Electric Panel Heating Units

Electric panel heating systems are another unit that doesn’t heat the air within a room. Instead, infrared heating technology is used to heat objects in space.

One big reason why homeowners love these units is that they’re hardly noticeable. They’re flat, allowing them to hang on a wall like a picture frame.


Electric panel units have so much going for them. They have endless versatility when it comes to design and installation and they provide extremely comfortable heat.

They are good for people’s health, easy to control (many being smart control compatible) and they take up zero floor space.

Product Pick:

  • Enhances aesthetic appeal with a modern frameless look.
  • Reduces energy consumption for lower utility bills.
  • Offers versatile placement options for optimal convenience.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty and German manufacturing standards, ensuring long-term quality and performance.

How To Use

  • Some people attach radiant heat panels to various walls within their homes, and others even add them to their ceilings. 
  • Placing these on your ceiling adds comfort to a space without other objects getting in the way. 
  • Portable options allow you to take these electric heat systems anywhere. 
  • Many people will use these units like space heaters, standing on the floor or a table to provide lasting comfort.

Electric panel heaters come in various sizes, so finding a model that suits your needs is easy. If they seem of interest, take a look at our article on the 10 best radiant heat panels in 2023


2. Electric Space Panel Heaters

Electric radiant panel space heaters are an efficient and effective solution for heating homes and offices.

These sleek and slim devices utilize radiant heat, which warms objects directly rather than relying on convection.

Electric radiant panel space heaters are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them a convenient heating option.


Using the same technology as the electric heat panels above, electric space heating units are going to score quite similarly.

They are also great at providing rapid, comfortable heat and don’t take up any floor space. 

Ultimately though we have to mark them slightly lower because they simply are not as versatile when it comes to home design and aesthetics.

Product Pick:

  • Powerful 2.6kW Herschel Kanthal elements for efficient warmth
  • Suitable for indoor or covered, sheltered outdoor use
  • Stylish design blends seamlessly with any indoor or outdoor environment
  • Easy control and customization with the included remote or external devices
  • 2 power settings and timer function for precise control

How To Use

Electric space panel heaters are commonly placed underneath windows to address heat loss through glass. 

By positioning them strategically, these heaters mitigate the energy consumed by windows and provide efficient heating. 

It’s important to note that drapes should never hang over these heaters to prevent fire hazards. 

Additionally, keeping the area around the heater clear of furniture ensures proper airflow and maximizes heat distribution.


3. Electric Infrared Zone Heater

Electric infrared heating systems

These systems create infrared heat that provides a great deal of heating power.

These units can heat small and large spaces, also known as radiant or quartz heaters.

However, it’s important to note that the heat produced by these devices doesn’t warm air—infrared heaters utilise infrared waves to heat objects within a room.


As portable space heaters go, the infrared zone heater is certainly one of the better options. 

They are certainly very handy for providing a heat boost to a small office or attic room (or man cave) and even an “outdoor” space like a shed or garage.

But, this article is about heating “Your Home” so we have to keep that in mind when determining our final score.

Product Pick:

  • Choose between whole-room and personal-zone heating based on your needs.
  • Easy-to-read LED display with automatic dimming. Ideal for use in the dark.
  • Includes tip-over protection and automatic shutoff. Shallow grill for child safety.
  • Portable with a carrying handle and cord storage for convenience.
  • Backed by a five-year guarantee.

Best Practices

Given the functionality of these units, they work best in areas that don’t always need air conditioning. That said, some homeowners have them in their garage or in an enclosed patio. 

As these areas are often cold from the outside air, trying to heat these spaces with a standard heater would be a waste of energy. Nonetheless, infrared heaters are effective for heating small or large spaces. 

But if you need consistent heat in a freezing climate, many people choose a gas furnace. These units usually reach a higher temperature when the outdoor air is near or below freezing.


4. Radiant Floor Heating

If you want long-lasting comfort without using a bulky system, go for radiant floor heating. 

These systems work with tubes or wires that heat a space underneath the floor. In radiant electric heat systems, wires are looped underneath the floor. 

These wires heat up via an electrical output, which can also be created with solar panels. 

While these systems require an installation process, including the need for an electrician to connect everything up, they are well worth the long-term investment, and those who use underfloor heat mats rarely go back.


If you are looking for an electric heating system to heat your entire home, or even just part of it, radiant floor heating is the stand-out option.

It has so many benefits, from rapid comfortable heating to health benefits and compatibility with renewable energy sources that it kind of speaks for itself. 

And yes, we could go on about smart control compatibility and zoned heating, or about the energy efficiency of these systems. Or the fact they will usually last 3-4 decades or longer without requiring any maintenance… but one thing we LOVE about radiant floor heating is its reliability.

Heat Pumps are all the rage at the moment, and they are a fantastic technological achievement in terms of home heating… but forgive me, in the depths of frozen winter when the mercury drops below zero – I want to know that my home heating system is going to work no matter how cold it gets outside. 

And of the two, radiant floor heating is the only one of these systems that guarantees you are going to be warm no matter what the weather is like.

Product Pick:

  • The underfloor heat mats are designed for quick and hassle-free installation, saving you time and effort.
  • The heat mats operate with a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) power supply, ensuring safe and worry-free usage.
  • You can easily install the heat mats in various locations using the signal wire and extension wire, giving you flexibility in placement.
  • The connector and tape kit provided ensures secure and reliable connections, giving you peace of mind about the performance of your underfloor heating system.

These heat mats are undoubtedly the best electric radiant floor heating system for your floors.

Radiant floor heating works best on floors that are cool to the touch, such as tile or natural stone.

They’re also perfect for places where you use bare feet, like bathrooms and bedrooms, making them the best electric heating systems for homes.


5. Electric Fan Heating

Electric fan heaters work perfectly in small rooms and workspaces. Also referred to as fan-forced heaters, these devices push heated air throughout a space. 

After an electric fan heater creates warm air with its heating element, the air is forced throughout the area using a fan. While the air is pushed in a single direction, the room eventually warms up.


Electric fan heaters can be very good if you pick the right one. The model chosen here has good ratings and customer feedback and offers effective heating at a reasonable price.

Forced air systems are never going to be as comfortable as radiant or infrared heating, and as discussed above their use should be limited to heating small spaces or single rooms such as bathrooms.

Product Pick:

  • Sleek European surface-mount heaters are suitable for quick or supplemental heat in bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways.
  • Operates quietly at 49.7 dB(a) with steady, even heat. Designed and manufactured in Germany for reliable performance.
  • Built-in thermostat for precise temperature control. CKT model includes a 60-minute timer for a quick heat boost. Both models have frost protection to prevent freezing.

How Do They Work?

The heating elements found in these heaters are typically made out of ceramic or aluminium. A fan blows the heated air throughout the space as this material heats up. While these systems aren’t very large or complex, they’re one of the market’s most affordable electric heat systems. 

They’re also safe, quiet, and straightforward to use. However, as these heaters take time to work, they’re best for small areas. If you’re trying to heat a larger space, use another system type.


6. Portable Heating

Portable heaters are among the most popular heating systems out there. They’re simple to use, effective, and have a very affordable price tag.

However, they only work when heating a small area like a bedroom or office. Also called space heaters, these devices simply plug into a wall outlet and begin working immediately. 

Portable heating systems are a quick way to find comfort. 

Another plus of these devices is that they can travel with you. Whether traveling in your trailer or venturing to a hotel room, a space heater is great for being on the go. Some of these devices are even small enough to pack in your suitcase!


It is portable and potentially useful in a garage or basement, but it is neither practical nor suitable for heating your home unless there is no other option.

Product Pick:

  • It quickly heats rooms as large as 200 square feet, providing warmth and comfort.
  • The heater runs quietly, allowing you to enjoy activities like reading, watching TV, or conversing without disturbance.
  • It includes overheat and tip-over shutoff for added safety, making it suitable for homes with kids or pets.
  • Weighing only 3.2 pounds and featuring an easy-carry handle, it is highly portable and easy to move between rooms as needed.


7. Baseboard Heating Systems

Baseboard heaters are simple systems that can effectively heat a space. They don’t use any motor for heating power but rather utilize convection. 

Baseboard heaters draw cool air into the bottom slots of the device and then heat the air with heating coils and fins. The heated air then leaves the top of the unit and warms the surrounding area.

These devices sometimes come equipped with thermostat controls for controlling baseboard heating units. If not, many homeowners use a remote line voltage thermostat for regulating temperature.


Baseboard heaters can offer a very good bang for their buck.

As a convection heating system, some energy is lost to heating the air, which can also make a room feel stuffy, but they can prove very effective at fixing cold spots in rooms and are available at very cheap prices.

Product Pick:

  • Has a 750-533-watt output, perfect for heating rooms up to 150-200 square feet.
  • Very simple Installation with universal wiring.
  • Automatic shut-off feature.

Given the functionality of these systems, people often place them underneath their windows.

While many homes experience heat loss via glass windows, baseboard heaters help to counter this heat consumption.

Remember never to leave drapes hanging over these heaters and always keep them clear of furniture.


8. Fireplace Heaters

A fireplace is an excellent option if you’re looking for an old-fashioned, elegant way to heat a space. However, a fireplace doesn’t usually make much sense for homeowners when it comes to finding wood, managing the fire, and keeping flammables away from the unit. 

But today, several electric fireplace heaters look and feel like the real thing. They give off the aesthetic appeal everyone loves but don’t come with the hassles and headaches of a standard fireplace.

Electric fireplace heaters work by using radiant, fan-forced, or infrared heat. They usually have a stylistic appearance, a decorative mantle, and a lighting effect that typically resembles real flames.


Electric fireplaces offer the old-school feeling of a real fire without the need to chop wood, store and carry lumber and kindling, or suffer from any of the nasty and dangerous particles produced by the combustion process.

Find a good one, like the one on our list today, and it can be an excellent and integral part of your home heating system.

Product Pick:

  • The fireplace provides a realistic display of flames and ember bed, adding ambiance to any space.
  • This electric fireplace offers 3 installation options: recessed, wall-mounted, or freestanding. Choose the one that suits your needs and room.
  • This LED fireplace uses clean technology, saving time and energy without any mess or harm. It is safe for people and pets, offering a worry-free and cozy ambiance.

One of the leading benefits of these electric heat systems is that you never have to keep firewood on hand. 

This dramatically reduces the maintenance needed to stay comfortable. Additionally, electric fireplaces are also more affordable compared to standard fireplaces. 

These devices work best as a supplemental heating solution for your home or business.


Electric Heating System Comparison Table

Heating System TypeProduct NamePrice RangeKey FeaturesRating
Radiant Floor HeatingUnderfloor Radiant Heat Mats - STEP HEAT$1,430.78 Quick, hassle-free installation, Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV), Flexible placement, Long-lasting, efficient heating4.9/5
Electric Panel Heating UnitsGlass Radiant Heat Panel by Green Wave Distribution$579.00 – $999.00Modern frameless look, energy-efficient, Versatile placement (wall/ceiling), 10-year warrant, German manufacturing standards4.1/5
Electric Space Panel HeatersWhite Radiant Space Panel Heater$799.00Powerful 2.6kW Herschel Kanthal elements, Suitable for indoor/outdoor use, Stylish design, Easy control and customization, 2 power settings and timer function3.9/5
Electric Infrared Zone HeaterVornado IR400 Dual Zone Infrared Heater$169.95Choice of whole-room/personal-zone heating, LED display with auto dimming, Safety features like tip-over protection, Portable with handle and cord storage2.8/5
Electric Fan HeatingCK & CKT 15E Wall-Mounted Electric Fan Heaters$169.00Quiet operation, Built-in thermostat, Frost protection, Designed for quick/supplemental heating in small spaces like bathrooms and kitchens3.1/5
Portable HeatingASSCA Portable Electric Space Heater$29.99Heats rooms up to 200 sq ft, Quiet operation, Safety features (overheat and tip-over shut-off), Highly portable (3.2 lbs with handle)1.1/5
Baseboard Heating SystemsCadet F Series 36" Electric Baseboard Heater$49.99750-watt output, Suitable for rooms up to 150-200 sq ft, Easy to install, Automatic shut off feature2.9/5
Fireplace HeatersSANHSEHOME Freestanding Electric Fireplace, 30 Inches Electric Fireplace$239.99Realistic flame display, Multiple installation options, LED technology, Clean, safe, and energy-efficient heating3.1/5

Final Thoughts

Electric heating systems offer eco-friendly, efficient, and powerful heating solutions for homes. 

Each type has its advantages and considerations. If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to add additional heating to a smaller room like a home office, an electric portable or baseboard heater could well be the way to go.

If you are looking for a complete electric home heating solution, then electric panel heaters or electric space heaters should be right at the top of your list for consideration.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your heating system or a home builder searching for an eco-friendly heating solution, Green Wave Distribution is here to help.

Our products can heat homes, specific rooms, roofs, driveways, and patios. Also, our all-electric products are perfect for off-grid, eco-friendly ways to provide long-lasting heat.

Contact Green Wave Distribution today to learn more about our radiant heating solutions!