The Best Electric Heating Systems for Homes

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No matter where you live in the United States, there are times when you need a heating system to stay comfortable. While some people want a powerful furnace, others only need a small space heater. However, when trying to improve your home comfort, there are several different heating systems to choose from.

As many people utilize a gas furnace for staying comfortable, electric heat systems are gaining in popularity. These units are eco-friendly, efficient, and powerful.

In this post, we’ll discuss 7 of the leading electric heat systems on the market today. We’ll also talk about one of the top heating equipment providers in the country!

Electric Infrared Heaters 

Electric infrared heating systems create infrared heat that provides a great deal of heating power. Also known as radiant or quartz heaters, these units can heat both small and large spaces effectively. However, it’s important to note that the heat produced by these devices doesn’t warm air—infrared heaters utilize infrared waves to heat objects within a room.

Given the functionality of these units, they work best in areas that don’t always need air conditioning. That said, some homeowners have them in their garage or in an enclosed patio. As these areas are often cold from the outside air, trying to heat these spaces with a standard heater would be a waste of energy. Nonetheless, infrared heaters are an effective tool for heating small or large spaces. But if you need consistent heat in a very cold climate, many people choose a gas furnace. These units can usually reach a higher temperature when the outdoor air is near or below freezing.

Electric Fan Heating

Electric fan heaters work perfectly in small rooms and workspaces. Also referred to as fan-forced heaters, these devices push heated air throughout a space. After an electric fan heater creates warm air with its heating element, the air is forced throughout the area using a fan. While the air is pushed in a single direction, the room eventually warms up.

The heating elements found in these heaters are typically made out of ceramic or aluminum. As this material heats up, a fan blows the heated air throughout the space. While these systems aren’t very large or complex, they’re one of the most affordable electric heat systems on the market. They’re also safe, quiet, and extremely easy to use. However, as these heaters take time to work, they’re best for small areas. If you’re trying to heat a larger space, go for another system type.

Portable Heating

Portable heaters are among the most popular heating systems out there. They’re simple to use, effective, and have a very affordable price tag. However, they only work when heating a small area like a bedroom or office. Also called space heaters, these devices simply plug into a wall outlet and begin working immediately. Portable heating systems are a quick way to find comfort. Another plus of these devices is that they can travel with you. Whether you’re traveling in your trailer or venturing to a hotel room, a space heater is great for being on the go. Some of these devices are even small enough to pack in your suitcase!

Baseboard Heating Systems

Baseboard heaters are simple systems that can effectively heat a space. They don’t use any motor for heating power, but rather utilize convection. Baseboard heaters work by drawing cool air into the bottom slots of the device, then heating the air with heating coils and fins. The heated air then leaves the top of the unit and warms the surrounding area.

For controlling baseboard heating units, these devices sometimes come equipped with thermostat controls. If not, many homeowners use a remote line voltage thermostat for regulating temperature. Given the functionality of these systems, people often place them underneath their windows. While many homes experience heat loss via glass windows, baseboard heaters help to counter this heat consumption. Remember to never leave drapes hanging over these heaters and always keep them clear of furniture.

Fireplace Heaters

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned, elegant way to heat a space, a fireplace is a great option. However, when it comes to finding wood, managing the fire, and keeping flammables away from the unit, a fireplace doesn’t usually make much sense for homeowners. But today, there are several electric fireplace heaters that look and feel just like the real thing. They give off the aesthetic appeal that everyone loves, but don’t come with the hassles and headaches of a standard fireplace.

Electric fireplace heaters work by using radiant, fan-forced, or infrared heat. They usually have a stylistic appearance, a decorative mantle, and a lighting effect that typically resembles real flames.

One of the leading benefits of these electric heat systems is that you never have to keep firewood on hand. This greatly reduces the maintenance needed to stay comfortable. Additionally, electric fireplaces are also more affordable compared to standard fireplaces. These devices work best as a supplemental heating solution for your home or business.

Electric Panel Heating Units

Electric panel heating systems are another type of unit that doesn’t actually heat the air within a room. Instead, infrared heating technology is used to heat up objects in a space. One big reason why homeowners love these units is that they’re hardly noticeable. They’re completely flat, allowing them to hang on a wall like a picture frame.

Some people attach them to various walls within their home, and others even add them to their ceiling. Placing these on your ceiling adds comfort to a space without other objects getting in the way. There are also portable options, which allow you to take these electric heat systems anywhere. Many people will use these units like space heaters, standing them up on the floor or even on a table to provide lasting comfort. Electric panel heaters come in a wide variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find a model that works for your needs.

If you want long-lasting comfort without using a bulky system, go for radiant floor heating. These systems work with tubes or wires underneath the floor that effectively heat a space. In radiant electric heat systems, wires are looped underneath the floor. These wires heat up via an electrical output, which can also be created with solar panels. While these systems require an installation process, including the need for an electrician to connect the wires to a panel, many people love their electric radiant heat systems.

Radiant floor heating works best on floors that are cool to the touch, such as tile or natural stone. They’re also perfect for places where you use bare feet, like bathrooms and bedrooms. As these systems can take a while to heat an entire home, electric radiant heaters are well-suited for rooms and small areas.

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