Why Radiant Heat is the Best Choice for Yoga Studios

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Radiant heat differs dramatically from traditional forced air heating systems because of the way the heat is distributed. Forced air systems heat air at a central location. They distribute the air into the space by blowing it through ducts, carrying dust, mold, bacteria, allergens along with it. The health impacts are well known – forced air heating can leave you feeling short of breath, dry, tired and contribute to long term health problems – not exactly what you expected from your yoga session!

Increase health benefits from yoga 

Radiant heat systems heat mass – not air. From the floor to surrounding objects, the heat is absorbed by mass and gently diffused into the space. No fans, no noise, no visible ductwork and, most importantly of all – no health concerns. In fact, the opposite is true with radiant heat. Radiant heat can improve blood circulation, loosen joints, and reduce pain. If you are looking to heat your yoga studio, why not choose the healthiest form of heat available?

Our radiant heated yoga studio 

One Rhode Island homeowner did exactly that. Nearly 600 feet of STEP® HEAT radiant heating element was installed in this 555 square foot yoga studio. The system was designed by Green Wave Distribution to be the yoga studio’s sole source of heat. Even in the dead of winter, the homeowner will have a toasty warm floor and comfortable studio to practice yoga.

STEP® HEAT Radiant Heating

One of the most comfortable way to heat a yoga studio 

The unique self-regulating properties of STEP Warmfloor make it the ideal choice for yoga studios. With STEP Warmfloor, the entire heated area acts like a giant temperature sensor. While you are on the floor practicing yoga poses, the system senses your body heat and refrains from sending additional heat to just that area – providing optimal comfort and reducing energy consumption. Better still, STEP Warmfloor can be powered by alternative energy sources such as solar or wind so you can heat your yoga studio sustainably.

Beyond yoga 

STEP® HEAT can be used to heat more than just yoga studios. Our innovative radiant heating system can be used to heat whole homes, commercial buildings, driveways, patios, and more. STEP® HEAT is the preferred choice for those seeking to build net-zero, passive, or simply energy efficient homes and structures. For existing structures, STEP® HEAT can be retrofitted by placing it between joist bays – you don’t even need to remove your existing flooring! 

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