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Eliminate the cold chill from your countertops and more to experience luxurious comfort where you need it most. 

Green Wave Distribution’s FeelsWarm® heated countertop system provides maximum comfort while operating safely and efficiently. The countertop heaters are placed discretely beneath the stone with no special wiring required – simply plug the system into any standard outlet. Thin, silent, and nearly invisible, heated countertops will provide your guests a luxurious, warm, and comfortable place to gather. Just don’t be surprised when friends and family suggest that you host more often. 

DIY Installation

Low Voltage

Radiates Warmth

Ultra Thin


Safe Extra Low Voltage

Operates with just 12-24V for maximum efficiency and safety.


Maximum Comfort

Gives your countertop a soft warmth that’s 20-25 degrees above ambient room temperature.


Easily Customizable

No matter the size, shape, or location, we can custom design a countertop mat to your specifications.



Low profile (.025” thin) and offered in either black or white.



Set the temperature to your desired heat output with the thermal control unit.


Simple Installation

Peel, stick, and connect to any 120V outlet.



Compatible with all stone types.


Existing Countertop Installation (DIY):

Once you've identified where you'd like to begin, it's just five easy steps to install your countertop warming system.



Purchase a stick-on heating mat, one that can be customized to fit the exact size and shape of your overhang



Apply a light layer of two-part epoxy to the underside of the countertop. (The epoxy will be included with your heating mat.) You can skip this step if your countertop underneath is smooth granite.



Remove the release liner from the mat and apply the sticky side underneath your countertop, approximately ½” away from the outer edges.



Drill a small hole into your cupboard under the overhang area and feed the heater cord through the hole.



Lastly, plug the heating mat's transformer into a standard outlet, preferably one located inside your cabinet for complete invisibility.


Is the heated countertop system safe for stone?

Yes! The technology is specifically engineered for use with stone countertops. The system uses low voltage power and can be left on 24/7 without concern of cracking or damaging the stone.

Can I heat an existing countertop?

Absolutely. The heater can be placed underneath overhangs of existing countertops to provide warmth to existing bars, dining areas, desks, and more.

Where else can they be installed?

From bars to reception desks, almost any overhang can be retrofitted with our stick-on heating mats. For new construction, you can heat any stone surface including bathroom shower seats, vanities, islands, and of course, countertops with our compressed heating mats.

How much does it cost to operate?

Our countertop heating mats use low voltage power and are extremely energy efficient. On average, the cost to operate a 5 square foot heating mat 24/7 is as little as $0.15/day

Do I need to modify my electrical system?

You should not have to. The heater draws no more than 2 amps from a standard 120V outlet in your home.

How do I control the temperature?

The system includes a low-voltage transformer that consistently provides power to the heating mat. With such low energy consumption, most of our customers choose to leave the system continuously running. An optional thermal controller is available that enables the user to adjust the temperature output of the mat. Without it, the mat runs on its warmest setting.

What is the warranty?

The transformer and thermal controller include a 2-Year Manufacturer warranty, while the heating mat is covered by a 3-Year Manufacturer warranty. Due to the robust properties of the product, we’ve yet to have a heating mat fail.

Every quarried stone is unique, from the color to the veining pattern. It’s no surprise that people often compare picking out a countertop to selecting a piece of art, there are countless options to choose from! With so much effort put into choosing the perfect stone countertop, why is that comfort - one of the most aspects of any home – so often overlooked? 

Marble and granite countertops are notoriously cold and chilly. While that might sound inviting during a summer heatwave, it certainly isn’t comfortable in the dead of winter or the rest of the year. No need to worry – Green Wave Distribution’s got you covered. 

Our FeelsWarm® countertop heating system can turn any marble, granite, or any other type of stone countertop warm and inviting space all year round. With heated countertops, your family and friends will be drawn to the welcoming space that you spent so much time creating. 

What about existing countertops? No problem – our countertop heating system can be retrofitted beneath existing bars, islands, vanities, and dining area overhangs to give your current countertops the warmth and comfort they deserve. 

Not Quite Sure Where to Start? 

No problem! The team at Green Wave Distribution is available 24/7 to assist you in selecting the right countertop heater for your home or property. 

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