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Stick-On Countertop Heater – 11″ x 71″


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Green Wave Distribution’s FeelsWarm® heated countertop system provides maximum comfort while operating safely and efficiently. The countertop heaters are placed discretely beneath the stone with no special wiring required – simply plug the system into any standard outlet. Thin, silent, and nearly invisible, heated countertops will provide your guests a luxurious, warm, and comfortable place to gather. Just don’t be surprised when friends and family suggest that you host more often.


  • Instantly adds warmth to kitchen islands, countertops, and more
  • Easy and hassle-free installation saves time and money
  • Versatile compatibility with any stone type ensures flexibility
  • Convenient plug-and-play functionality for quick use
  • Energy-efficient operation saves on electricity costs
  • Tailored customization for a perfect fit in any space
  • Reliable adhesion to rough surfaces ensures long-lasting performance


  • Ultra-slim design (less than 1/4″” thickness)
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Compatible with any stone type
  • Plugs into standard 120V outlets
  • Engineered for 24/7 operation (low power consumption)
  • Customizable to fit unique dimensions and shapes
  • Includes Surface Prep Kit for proper adhesion to rough surface


Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury with our Stick-On Countertop Heater. With its ultra-slim design and simple DIY installation, this heated countertop system is the perfect addition to your kitchen island, bathroom vanity, or any other surface where warmth is desired. Powered by a standard 120V outlet, it consumes less energy than a lightbulb, making it highly efficient for 24/7 operation. The stick-on feature works seamlessly with any stone type, providing discreet and nearly invisible warmth. Say goodbye to cold surfaces and welcome your guests to a warm and inviting space. Hosting just got a whole lot cozier.





11″ x 71”



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Stick-On Countertop Heater – 11″ x 71″

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