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The Basics of Bathroom Floor Heating

The winter months bring snow, ice, and chilly temperatures. Even when the heat is on, your stone or tile floors can still be cold. If you try to walk on these surfaces with bare feet, it can feel pretty uncomfortable. This is where a heated basement floor can help!

As basements tend to be colder than other areas of the home, you need the right system to stay comfortable. Also, as these areas typically have a concrete subfloor, they’re the perfect candidate for basement floor heating. If you’re interested in heating basement floors in your home, Green Wave Distribution is here to help!

Radiant Heat Basement Solutions

Many people avoid their basements during the winter months (or even summer!) because they are cold and chilly. Adding a radiant heat basement floor system keeps your basement warm, comfortable, and expands your living space year-round.

These systems work with a set of heated elements lined under your flooring or radiant panels mounted on the ceiling or walls. Using radiant heat, the mats or panels heat the floor to provide comfort for your family. While hydronic heating systems are available, electric units are more energy-efficient and easier to install.

Radiant Heat Solutions for Tiny Homes

Benefits of Basement Floor Heating

Heating basement floors can be a great decision. In fact, it can be one of the most significant upgrades in your home. Check out the many benefits of installing a radiant heat basement flooring system:

Adds Comfort

Stepping outside on a brisk winter day can feel pretty miserable. When you enter your home, nothing feels better than that warm comfort. However, the areas in your basement can be difficult to keep warm. By installing a heated basement floor, you can add comfort to these areas, which benefits the whole family. No more wearing shoes in the basement! As some homeowners never even use their basements during the winter, a radiant heat flooring system can certainly change that.

At Green Wave Distribution,we can create a customized radiant heat solution for your tiny home, allowing you to live a sustainable and comfortable life in your bite-sized space. For more information about the benefits of using radiant floor heating in a tiny home, contact us today.

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