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Floor Heating Options for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one place you can go to in order to escape from it all. It's a place where you can indulge in peace and privacy, and therefore, it should be a space that is completely comfortable at all times. Many times, bedrooms are located in an area of the house where it's difficult to heat evenly, which is why radiant floor heating may be the best solution for the room where you sleep.

Underfloor Heating for Your Bedroom: What You Need to Know

One of the most common misconceptions about heated floors is that they are only designed to make it more comfortable for you to walk on your bedroom floors. While it’s true that radiant floor heating will heat up to a specific desired temperature and allow you to step onto warm floors the moment you get out of bed, this technology can be used as a primary heat source in your bedroom. Radiant floor heating will evenly heat the entire space, unlike a forced air system which may leave pockets of cold areas in your room. Not only is the most sustainable and efficient way to heat your bedroom, but it also is more cost-effective than traditional heating solutions.

Types of Flooring that are Compatible with Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a versatile solution and can be installed underneath the most common bedroom floor materials, including:

  • Hardwood Floors — Radiant floor heating can safely be installed underneath hardwood floors. Wood floors are an ideal option for underfloor heating because it retains the heat well. However, it’s worth noting that different types of wood may take longer to heat up than others.

  • Composite Flooring — If you have composite flooring in your bedroom, you can have an underfloor heating solution installed, but some types of composite flooring may have a lower maximum temperature than others.

  • Tile — If you have tile floors in your bedroom, radiant floor heating is an excellent option for you. Not only will this heating solution eliminate the frustration of walking on cold tile floors, but your tiles also will heat up quickly and maintain your desired temperature for a long period of time.

  • Carpet — Radiant floor heating can be installed under carpet, but you should know that the thickness of your carpet and the carpet material may impact the amount of time it takes for your system to heat up to your desired temperature. 

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The Benefits of Investing in Heated Floors for Your Bedroom

  • It transforms your bedroom into a spa-like environment.
  • It improves the air quality of your bedroom.
  • It reduces your energy consumption and heating costs.
At Green Wave Distribution, we are the leading provider of heated floors for the bedroom. Our innovative heating solutions are not only effective, but also sustainable. Our radiant floors are designed with carbon polymer heating technology, which is the safest option on the market, as it is thin, flexible, durable and will not overheat. For more information about our underfloor heating technology and to discover why you should invest in heated floors for your bedroom, contact Green Wave Distribution today.

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