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Adding Heated Floors to Your Living Room

The living room is one of the first spaces that you step into when you enter your home. Not only is it a place where you will relax and recline at the end of the evening, but it also is the room that you will utilize when you greet family members, friends and guests. This pivotal room should be welcoming, inviting and above all else, warm.

Heated Floors in Your Living Room

For years, radiant heat was considered a supplemental heating solution that was ideal for bathrooms, garages and storage spaces. Today, however, homeowners are discovering that heated floors can add a touch of elegance and comfort to any room in the house — but in particular, the living room. 

Depending on whether your living room is built on top of a concrete slab or over the basement of your room, you may find that it is difficult to evenly heat this room. The flooring material that you choose for your living also may make the room feel colder at times — which may inadvertently lead you to spending less time in this room that should be the heart of your home. 

At Green Wave Distribution, we have radiant flooring products that can easily be installed in your living room, allowing you to enjoy a space that is peaceful, comfortable and luxurious. Heated floors in living rooms are becoming one of the most sought-after features among luxury home buyers, so now is the best time to invest in this upgrade. Not only will radiant floor heat make your living room floors warm to the touch, but it also will provide supplemental heat to the room.

The Best Flooring Materials for Living Room Heated Floors

Most homeowners are relieved to find out that heated floors can be installed in the living room, no matter what type of flooring you prefer. Some flooring materials that are compatible with radiant heat systems include: 

  • Hardwood Floors — Wood floors are common in living room areas, because they are elegant and complement nearly any type of decor. Underfloor heating solutions work well with wood floors because wood heats up quickly and retains its temperature, though the type of wood that you have in your living room may impact heat times.

  • Carpet — Carpet is another popular living room flooring material, and radiant floor heat works well with it. You may want to be mindful of the material and thickness of the carpet, though, as this can impact the efficiency of the system.

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Why Should You Add Heated Floors to Your Living Room?

  • It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • It increases the value of your home.
  • It adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your living room.

At Green Wave Distribution, we have innovative radiant heat solutions that will allow you to create a warm and welcoming living room environment. All our radiant floor systems are safe, efficient, and effective, and they allow you to evenly heat your living room in a clean and sustainable way. For more information about the benefits of adding heated floors to your living room, contact Green Wave Distribution today. 

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