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MALIBU 2000 Watts


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The Herschel Malibu combines a stylish, freestanding design with a sleek powder-coated finish that is perfect for any outdoor area. Malibu’s powerful 2kW lamp features Herschel’s woven carbon fiber lamp technology. This provides the Malibu the power to heat the area while creating a cozy atmosphere, regardless of whether it’s a restaurant patio or a home patio. The Malibu is fully IPX5 compliant, making it suitable for use outdoors year-round for commercial applications.

The portable Herschel Malibu is quick to setup and can be easily moved as needed. A handy remote control is included, along with 2 power levels (50% and 100%) and a 0-24 hour timer, which can be used to set the running hours. With tip-over safety protection, the Malibu automatically switches off if knocked over. It also features mirror aluminum reflector plates to minimize rear heat loss.

With its space-saving, tasteful design, the versatile Malibu also provides effective, gentle warmth for colder indoor spaces that need additional top-up heat.

  • Adds style and elegance to any outdoor area.
  • Powerful heating with Herschel’s advanced carbon fiber lamp technology.
  • Creates a cozy atmosphere while providing warmth.
  • Reliable outdoor use year-round for commercial applications.
  • Convenient control options for power levels and timer.
  • Ensures safety with tip-over protection and minimal heat loss.
  • Versatile for both outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • Premium designer freestanding heater.
  • 2kW high performance carbon lamp.
  • Warm glow with ultra low glare.
  • Suitable for outdoor use (IPX5).
  • 2 power levels and timer with remote control.
  • Commercial grade heater.
  • Quick setup and portable design.
Enhance your outdoor space with the Herschel Malibu 2000 Watts infrared heater panels. Its premium freestanding design, sleek finish, and woven carbon fiber lamp technology provide both power and style. With IPX5 compliance, it’s perfect for year-round outdoor use in commercial settings. The remote control, 2 power levels, and timer offer convenient operation, while the tip-over safety feature ensures worry-free use. The compact and portable design allows for easy setup on any patio. Whether for restaurants or homes, this commercial-grade heater adds a warm glow and cozy atmosphere, transforming any space into an inviting haven.

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1 review for MALIBU 2000 Watts

  1. Olivia

    This panel is incredibly easy to move around, which makes it perfect for outdoor gatherings or events. Plus, it provides a steady stream of heat that keeps me and my guests warm, even on chilly nights. And when I’m not using it, I can easily store it away until the next time I need it.

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Heat pannel MALIBU 2000 Watts

MALIBU 2000 Watts

(1 customer review)

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