Black Radiant Space Panel Heater - 2400 Watts


The Pulsar is a zero-light designer space heater that can hang from high ceilings. The Pulsar provides direct warmth to people who are below the heater, making it ideal for applications such as reception areas, restaurants, and public areas. Whenever the Pulsar is used in smaller enclosed spaces such as a hallway, both the zone and the room will be heated. Choose from two color options for the Pulsar: black or white. The black Pulsar is higher power and more effective for space/zone heating applications. The white Pulsar lower power is more suited to heating smaller rooms or as a supplementary heater to existing systems.
Manufactured in Ireland from high-quality materials, the Pulsar is completely maintenance-free. Warm-up time is around 10 minutes and the Pulsar should be used in conjunction with the Herschel MD2 thermostat control.
The black Pulsar is 2400W and will heat enclosed indoor areas of 95 – 215ft² from a height of up to 110″. This area is a guideline only and will be impacted by airflow and ambient temperatures. Dependent upon the property age/type, insulation levels, and levels of airflow present, the number of heaters required and running times will vary. For larger domestic or commercial projects we recommend that you contact Green Wave Distribution directly for site surveys or detailed system designs.
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Key Features:
  • Zero light contemporary design
  • White steel body
  • High power ceramic elements
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Ideal for hallways & staircases
  • Rated for 240V
  • Available in black or white


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