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Picture Radiant Heat Panel | 240V


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Available Options

OutputDimensionsHeating Area (ft2)Price 
250W11.8"x23.6"32 - 52$549.00
350W11.8"x35.4"43 - 75$799.00
420W23.6"x23.6"52 - 85$879.00
550W23.6"x31.5"75 - 130$949.00
750W5"x35.4"118 - 194$1,149.00
900W31.5"x39.4"140 - 236$1,299.00
1250W23.6"x63"183 - 312$1,499.00


The Inspire picture radiant heating panels are custom made in Germany where the factory utilizes a highly specialized printer to produce stunning, high-resolution images on the glass panel. Customize the Inspire Picture panel with a family portrait, a favorite photo, a drawing by your child, or pick from our special selection of designs. Select from your choice of matte or gloss finish.

The Herschel Inspire Picture Panel is available in seven different sizes and power outputs from 250 to 1250 Watts to suit any room’s needs. With Herschel Inspire heaters, you can enjoy a higher level of comfort at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating. The Inspire Picture is only available in 240 Volts. Frameless picture panels are standard but can be framed for an additional fee. Please contact us directly for frame requests.

The Inspire Picture features a 10 year manufacturer warranty and all units are made with German components and ESG Safety Glass. Order lead time is typically 5-6 weeks.

The Herschel MD2 thermostat is required for control of our Inspire panels (sold separately) and professional installation is recommended for both the panel and the thermostat. With the MD2, you can control your device completely through the app. Heat areas are provided as a guide only and assume that the space is medium to well-insulated and that the floor to ceiling height is 95 inches on average. In case of greater room heights or other building factors, please contact Green Wave Distribution directly for a more detailed assessment.

  • Personalize your heating panel with custom or stock images
  • Choose between gloss or matte finish for enhanced aesthetics
  • Enjoy comfortable warmth while saving on energy costs
  • High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials for long-lasting performance
  • Versatile options for different room sizes and heating requirements
  • 10-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Effortless control with the Herschel MD2 thermostat
  • Customizable high-resolution images on the glass panel.
  • Available in gloss or matte finish.
  • Energy-efficient radiant heating technology.
  • Made in Germany with ESG Safety Glass.
  • Seven different sizes and power outputs to suit any room’s needs.
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Compatible with Herschel MD2 thermostat for convenient control.
Experience the perfect combination of warmth and beauty with our Inspire Picture Radiant Heat Panel. Custom-made in Germany, these sleek glass panels feature high-resolution images, allowing you to personalize your heating solution. Choose from glossy or matte finishes to match your decor. Enjoy energy-efficient radiant heating, reducing expenses. Crafted with German components and ESG Safety Glass for quality and safety. Various sizes and power outputs available for any room. 10-year warranty and compatibility with Herschel MD2 thermostat for easy control. Transform your space into a cozy oasis with the Inspire Picture Radiant Heat Panel.


Additional information


250W, 350W, 420W, 550W, 750W, 900W, 1250W


11.8"x23.6", 11.8"x35.4", 23.6"x23.6", 23.6"x31.5", 5"x35.4", 31.5"x39.4", 23.6"x63"

Heating Area (ft2)

32 – 52, 43 – 75, 52 – 85, 75 – 130, 118 – 194, 140 – 236, 183 – 312

2 reviews for Picture Radiant Heat Panel | 240V

  1. Emilio

    These panels are amazing! They’re so easy to install and they look great on my walls. Plus, they don’t take up any floor space like traditional heaters do.

  2. Emily Bailey

    I love how sleek and modern these panels look in my home. They’re not an eyesore like my old radiator was, they blend in seamlessly with my decor.

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Picture Radiant Heat Panel

Picture Radiant Heat Panel | 240V

(2 customer reviews)

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