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Commercial Hot Yoga Packs (white)


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Available Options

VariationVoltageHeated Area (ft2)Price 
4 Heaters, MD2 & APX 4240Vup to 300$4,599.00
6 Heaters, MD2 & APX 6240Vup to 425$6,399.00
8 Heaters, MD2 & APX 8240Vup to 550$8,199.00
10 Heaters, MD2 & APX 10240Vup to 700$9,999.00
12 Heaters, MD2 & APX 12240Vup to 850$11,999.00


Upgrade your hot yoga studio with Herschel’s Commercial Hot Yoga Packs. These packs, available in four sizes, are designed to fit any studio. They feature the MD2 in-line thermostat and APX Control System for precise temperature control, ensuring a comfortable yoga experience. Easy to adjust with a touchscreen or remotely via the SmartLife app, they offer convenience and flexibility. These packs are not only user-friendly but also energy-efficient, making them a smart choice for studio owners looking for a practical and effective heating solution.

  • Therapeutic Infrared Heat: Provides a hot yoga experience reminiscent of practicing under the warm summer sun, directly warming the body and enhancing flexibility without heating the surrounding air.
  • Specialized for Hot Yoga: Designed to reach temperatures of up to 105°F, creating an ideal environment for hot yoga with zero light emission and superior infrared output.
  • High-Quality Construction: Utilizes the latest Kanthal AF heating elements and a durable white ceramic coating, built to commercial standards for reliable performance in both home and commercial studios.
  • Compact and Powerful: Despite its compact size, maintains an output of up to 2.6kW at 240V, efficiently warming your studio without occupying much ceiling or wall space.
  • Comprehensive Control System: Includes the MD2 in-line thermostat and APX Control System, offering manual and smart programming via touchscreen or SmartLife mobile app for seamless management of your heating system.
  • Optimal Performance Packages: Available in four sizes, each package includes high-performance Summit White heaters, ensuring effective and simple hot yoga experiences tailored to your space requirements.
  • Consistent High Temperatures: Achieves surface temperatures up to 392°F, easily maintaining target temperatures for prolonged periods, essential for hot yoga and Bikram sessions.
  • Energy Efficient and Space-Saving: Outperforms traditional infrared panels and cove heaters, offering higher power outputs and maintaining necessary environments for hot yoga with better energy efficiency.
  • Four sizes available to match your studio needs.
  • Includes high-performance Summit heaters.
  • MD2 In-Line Thermostat with manual control and SmartLife app.
  • APX Control System for efficient management.
  • Black and white color options.
  • SmartLife app compatibility for flexible control.
  • Heater Type: Fixed electric high temperature infrared heater
  • Surface: Structured Aluminium surface with white ceramic coating
  • Colour: White
  • Rear Case: Extruded, anodised aluminium
  • Surface Temperature: 662°F
  • Cable Length: 78.7in
  • Plug: No plug
  • Voltage: 240V 60Hz
  • Protection Class: IP64
  • Installation: Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Heating Element: Herschel Kanthal AF
  • Warm-up Time: <10 Minutes
  • Useful Wavelength: 3 – 10µm

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4 Heaters, MD2 & APX 4, 6 Heaters, MD2 & APX 6, 8 Heaters, MD2 & APX 8, 10 Heaters, MD2 & APX 10, 12 Heaters, MD2 & APX 12



Heated Area (ft2)

up to 300, up to 425, up to 550, up to 700, up to 850


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Commercial Hot Yoga Packs (white)

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