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Heated Snow & Ice Melting Driveway Mat – 24″x15′


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Available Options

120 V$1,440.00
240 V$1,440.00


No one enjoys rolling out of a warm bed to go outside and shovel out your driveway on a frigid winter morning. That’s why our customers absolutely love their Melt Mat Driveway Mats.

The envy of every neighbor, our Driveway Mats are placed right on top of your existing driveway. With no resurfacing required, they make a convenient alternative to traditional electric cable or water tubing systems! We suggest two Driveway Mats (one for each tire track) for the most effective snow melting experience.

For layout and design assistance, please contact Green Wave Distribution. Our experts are available 24/7 for free custom designs.


  • Eliminates the need for manual shoveling.
  • No resurfacing required, easy alternative to traditional systems.
  • Free expert assistance for personalized designs.
  • Prevents accidents with improved tire traction.
  • Rapid snow melting ensures quick access to your driveway.


  • Melts 2″ of snow per hour.
  • Non-slip, textured surface for optimum tire traction.
  • Choose between 120V (8.1A) or 240V (4.1A) options.
  • Can be left out the entire winter.
  • 3/8″ grommets for extra mat securing.


Say goodbye to snow shoveling with our heated snow melting walkaway mat. Melts 2″ of snow per hour, saving time and effort. Non-slip surface ensures safe maneuvering. Choose between power options, leave mat out all winter. 3/8″ grommets for added security. Expert support available 24/7. Experience effortless snow removal and envy-worthy driveways with our Melt Mat Driveway Mats.


24″ x 15″


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120 V, 240 V


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Heated Snow & Ice Melting Driveway Mat – 24″x15′

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