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Heated Snow and Ice Melting Driveway Mat | 24″ x 30″


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Heated Snow & Ice Melting Driveway Mat $2,580.00


  • Effortless snow removal, no more shoveling on frigid winter mornings
  • Saves time and energy with its convenient design
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive resurfacing or complex heating systems
  • Hassle-free installation, no need for major modifications
  • Enjoy a clear and safe driveway even during harsh winter conditions
  • Customizable layout and design for optimal snow melting performance
  • Expert assistance available round-the-clock for personalized solutions


  • Heated Snow & Ice Melting Driveway Mat
  • Size: 24″”x30′ (240V)
  • Convenient alternative to cables or water tubing systems.
  • No resurfacing required
  • Easy installation on top of your existing driveway
  • Provides effective snow melting for each tire track
  • Layout and design assistance available 24/7 for free


Experience ultimate convenience and comfort with our Heated Snow & Ice Melting Driveway Mat. Say goodbye to back-breaking shoveling and tedious maintenance. Lay the mat on your existing driveway for hassle-free snow melting. Advanced driveway heating systems’ design ensures effective snow removal for a clear and safe pathway. Expert assistance available 24/7 for optimal performance. Upgrade your winter experience with a worry-free, snow-free driveway.




24″ x 30″




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Heated Snow & Ice Melting Driveway Mat


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Heated Snow and Ice Melting Driveway Mat | 24″ x 30″

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